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Leftist, communists, transexuals in films

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Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 19 Mar 2005, 20:08
Post 02 Feb 2018, 23:23
lev wrote:
Gay people in the socialist cause have some utility. Seduce vulnerable homosexual people in the enemy's spy services. Hugh Hambleton was blackmailed into sharing Canada's most important classified secrets for having had been caught in a scandalous situation. Although the Indonesian president Sukarno when faced with the same situation challenged the Soviet Union's spy service to release the tapes only to find out that KGB was the one faced with humiliation because of Sukarno's bragging rights to the tape because Indonesians would consider them a manly conquest, Sukarno having slept with a white Russian lady.

I was faced with the same dilemma. But I was a prostitute then. So I don't care. When Philippine intelligence threatened to release the tapes of my prostitution services to a salon hairdresser, I dared them to release them subject to what I know about the incumbent President of the Philippines who is lusting for me. They did not release them.

89% of males who make fun of gays or abase them become gays themselves. One co-worker who was married with one kid turned out to be gay. Some prominent people in the workplace taped his affairs and he almost committed suicide. I saw him turn pale when I told my supervisor that he cannot control his desire for me, masturbated in front of me inside the car. I told everybody inside the workplace. He hanged himself. Another was fired for asking me what my plans were on the weekend and asked him if he can go out with me. I told my supervisor. He got fired. You see the indispensable utilities of persons who are 3% gays, ComradeGulper. (By the way, I cannot get an erection with a male. So I have to watch pornography to force myself into it).Some people have too much ego in their head. Do you know that spies get compromised because of too much ego.

I know that this is a dead thread, but... what the hell was this about?

"Bleh, i don't even know what i'm arguing for. What a stupid rant. Disregard what i wrote." - Loz
"Every time is gyros time" - Stalinista
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Post 02 Feb 2018, 23:43
Kirov wrote:
I know that this is a dead thread, but... what the hell was this about?
lev was a schizophrenic poster who spammed the hell out of the entire site with nonsense until he was clandestinely deported to Perma. Literally nothing else to be said here as none of his posts really amount to anything beyond gibberish.

Che Burashka wrote:
We haven't banned anyone since Chaz left in 2013. But hey, there's always a first.
Not exactly true. Several were banned in recent years for trolling, with the most prolific poster to have ever been banned since my defection to this site being Yami.

The great art of life is sensation, to feel that you exist, even in pain.
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Post 27 Feb 2018, 18:34
Fun thread. Glad to see I haven't missed much.
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