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Mystery of Russian & Soviet intelligence agencies!

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Post 20 Oct 2017, 11:27
Mystery of Russian & Soviet intelligence agencies!

It is theorized that the real power that drives RAW is actually Russian intelligence. Could it be true? Did Russians ghost-direct all of RAW's activities ever since it's inception in 1968? In other words, could it be true that for decades, Russians worked tirelessly behind the scene and are still working to run our own desi spy organization, RAW? It is theorized that just as Westerner's founded and established ISI, Pakistan's intelligence agency, Russians set up RAW and the difference was that Russians did it so anonymously that others don't know about this. Could it be true that the dictum of letting colleagues and subordinates take credit for successes actually applied to Russian officers and not to Kao? Could it be true that the trait of being in the midst of all Indian affairs - active but unseen - is actually of Russian officers and not of Kao? Should the Mujib-ur-Rehman's compliment of RAW knowing more about Bangladesh than Bangladesh's president himself should actually be reserved for Russian officers? Over the decades, have the Russian and Soviet intelligence agencies like KGB and it's later Russian versions been using RAW, India's external intelligence agency as an 'alias'? Is it true that Russia helped set up ISRO as an answer to USA helping SUPARCO, Pakistan's space agency?

Whatever be the truth, there are solid reasons for Russians to do all this:

1. Russia is scarce in funds and material resources. It needs all this to run high-end projects like space exploration, supercomputers, missile technology, and military R&D stuff etcetera. And they can share the costs for all this if they form alliance with India.

2. Russia's spy agency may have acute need of anonymity. Because CIA would try to sabotage Russia's civilian economy, administrative system, R&D projects, diplomatic efforts etcetera. So the way around this is to deflect CIA's ire by pretending that RAW is doing certain things and Russia is an uninterested and unrelated entity. For example a perception is that Indians are building Afghanistan to make it stable. But this caters to Russian interests. So could it be that Russians are the real builders and Indians are merely smokescreen? And at the same time Russians cannot be open about their influence lest they draw CIA's attention.

If Russia is indeed the ghost-writer of RAW's script, they have done a great job. In order to do this, they were thorough in their preparation. They learnt local languages ranging from Hindi to Tamil, Punjabi to Assamese, studied and understood the region's culture, economy and current issues, blended with the local population, worked out solution to local problems such as effecting turnaround in railway, influenced foreign policy decisions such as whether or not to send Indian troops to Iraq war when George Bush requested in 2003.
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Post 26 Jan 2018, 00:24
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