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Enver Hoxha


Was Enver Hoxha positive or negative for Albania?

Very Positive
Very Negative
Total votes : 58
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Post 30 Dec 2015, 00:13
No 14 wrote:
Those statements are of course pointless unless EdvardK and Ismail tell us what they would consider a communist. Probably for the one, it's "myself and Tito",

AHAHAHAHAH!!! Great stuff, that's hillarious!

No 14 wrote:
for the other it's "myself and Hoxha".

MUAHAHAHAHHA... kudos for this one, too!

No 14 wrote:
Or if they consider that unfair, I will simply say that they both hold on to very narrow and specific dogmas that nobody else is interested in.

No, not at all - it's fresh and funny!

I did - to defend myself a bit - raise a few topics on the subject of "what makes you a communist" and truth to be told I don't recall anyone being very specific and hitting the mark. One can hardly call a person a communist just because one thinks "Stalin/Lenin/Hoxha/Tito (or substitute with a favourite dictator) is cool" or because one read a book by some author about the USSR and knew immediately that this was the right way to go...

No 14 wrote:
..something more concrete than the people obsessing over Albania.

)) I like your style, you must contribute more to the discussions here!
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Post 30 Dec 2015, 02:45
Real Communists uphold Comrade Stalin and his fulfilling of the Legacy of Marx-Engels-Lenin!
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Post 20 Feb 2017, 03:17
Hoxha wasn't what was positive. What was positive was the extension of the gains of the October Revolution; the formation of a deformed workers state.
The present crisis in human culture is the crisis in the proletarian leadership.
Workers – men and women – of all countries, place yourselves under the banner of the Fourth International. It is the banner of your approaching victory!
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Post 07 Mar 2018, 12:29
Hoxha made Albania and isolated state. It would be interested to see what stance he would have during Gorbacev reforms. If he hadnt died in 1985
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Post 01 Apr 2018, 04:54
He potentially would have seen it as the final and inevitable stage in the restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union.
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