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East German Multiparty Politics.

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Old Bolshevik
Post 31 Jan 2009, 09:13
I would like more information on the way elections were conducted in the Volkskammer. How independent were Parties like the CDU Ost and LDPD from the SED? Did they use proportional representation to allocate the seats to the parties or some other method?
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Post 15 Oct 2009, 17:10
I too would like to know this as I am studying Democracy in Germany from 1890 to 1990 for school and text books seem to mention little about DDR democracy other than "one party dictatorship"
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Post 16 Oct 2009, 11:41
The allocation of seats to the parties was fixed.

SED 127
CDU 52
DBD 52

The mass organizations also got some seats:

FDGB (trade union) 68
FDJ (youth organization) 40
DFD (women's organization) 35
KB (some kind of artists' trade union) 22

Elections couldn't change this allocation. Actually, elections were just a way of asking the population whether they were happy with the current government, you were given the option to say yes or no.

As you see, the SED always had the majority - everything else would have been unconstitutional, since its constitution defined the GDR to be "a socialist workers' and peasants' state under leadership of its Marxist-Leninist Party". The other parties were pretty independent though, the LDPD was even allowed to have connections with the Western FDP. At one point, the LDPD became so opposed to the SED that the SED tried to get rid of the LDPD's general secertary, Gerlach. They failed. I guess that's a pretty good example of how independent the parties were.
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Post 26 Oct 2009, 23:37
Really? I'd like to hear some accounts, stories, anecdotes, from those who lived in the DDR, about the multi party politics. I've heard the capitalist arguments: that it was a one-party state; that the other parties were simply rubber stamps; that the upper leadership had all the power; that any one with a brain can tell this; and if you don't believe it you are a wide-eyed fool who probably still believes in Father Christmas.

I want to hear a counter argument, to hear the perspective and stories from socialist, or non-socialist, sources that gives the opposite viewpoint. I've been inundated with one side of the story, and I can't defend my arguments because people always brush them off as fake, or propaganda; while they tell the stories critical of the socialist governments as true and realistic and the reality.
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