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Mao's Letter to Castro (May 30, 1960)

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Letter to Castro

(May 30, 1960)

  Dear Cuban Prime Minister Dr. Fidel Castro:
  I am very pleased to meet with your comrade-in-arms, the Chief Inspector of the Cuban Rebels, Major General William Galvez Rodriguez, and thank you very much for the warm and friendly nature he has brought. Greetings.
  The national democratic revolutionary struggle of the Cuban people has been praised and respected by the people of the world. The heroic Cuban people, after a long and arduous struggle, overthrew the reactionary dictatorship of the imperialist running dogs. After the victory of the revolution, you bravely fought against the aggression and threats of US imperialism and carried out land reforms and other reforms necessary to meet the interests of the broad masses of the people and to prosper the national economy. You are engaged in a just revolutionary struggle in the region closest to the United States. Each of your triumphs has dealt a heavy blow to the imperialist reactionary forces headed by the United States. The people of all countries in the world who strive for peace and progress, especially the people of Latin America, have greatly enhanced their courage in struggle and confidence in victory from your triumphant struggle.
  The Chinese people and myself have always been very concerned about the revolutionary struggle of the Cuban people you led. The Chinese people who have lived in the revolutionary struggle for a long time are particularly cordial in your struggle. The same encounters and common struggles have brought our two peoples together. In the struggle against US imperialism, we support each other and encourage each other. Every achievement, progress and victory you have made us happy. Every aggression, bombing, and destruction by the US imperialists has made us extremely angry. The Chinese people and the Cuban people are comrades in conflict. We will continue to support your just cause with your own victory struggle and all the help you can.
  The victory of the people of the world against the struggle of imperialism has been confirmed. This is an objective law that does not take the historical development of imperialism and the subjective wishes of the reactionaries of various countries. The imperialists and the reactionaries of various countries are taking and preparing to take all kinds of sinister means to save their demise. There are still many difficulties before the people of our two countries and the people of the world. The future struggle between Cuba and the people of all countries is still arduous, complicated and tortuous. However, as long as the revolutionary leadership cores of all countries broadly unite all possible forces of unity and rely on the unremitting struggle of the broad masses of the people, there is no power in the world to stop the people from advancing. We firmly believe that the broadest masses of the people of all countries will be able to unite in the closest possible way, form the broadest united front, overcome various difficulties on the road ahead, gain opposition to imperialism, oppose the reactionaries of various countries, defend national independence and strive for society. The complete victory of the just cause of liberation.
  Please, the distinguished Cuban Prime Minister, accepts the high respect of the entire Chinese people and myself. I wish you health! I wish the friendship between the two countries and the people of Cuba increasingly promote! I wish the Cuban people's revolution has made more great victory!
                   Yijiu ○ Liu Nian Wuyue Sanshi Ri
  published according to the Central Archives of the original
Kamran Heiss
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