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Cuba celebrates triumph of its revolution

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Post 29 Jan 2016, 02:00 ... evolution/

Los hijos y las hijas de Dios Cubanos y Cubanas son verdaderos revolucionarios!
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Post 12 Jan 2019, 09:58
As Cubans celebrate the 60th anniversary of the revolution, here is a podcast people may find interesting:

I would normally be sceptical of a MSM feature on Cuba and expect it to focus on trumped-up allegations of human rights violations, etc., so I was surprised to hear this one giving a voice to ordinary Cubans dissatisfied with the growing marketisation of Cuban society and the rapidly rising inequality. According to accounts given, racism in job ads in non state owned enterprises is common; begging is now seen on the streets and egalitarianism has been replaced by equal opportunities as the official objective of the CCP.

That's not to say socialists shouldn't still support Cuba, but the support shouldn't be unqualified or uncritical.
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