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China's legal system

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Post 14 Mar 2012, 11:31
2012's National People's Congress has just closed here in China. There was a lot of talk about reform, including of the legal system. Some suggested changes include restrictions on state surveillance of individuals and on the secret detention of suspects. There's been discussion on the Chinese state TV channel (CCTV) about changing public attitudes towards the death penalty - which might lead to a reduction in its use, if the government listens to the people, that is.

What do you think of these moves by China towards a more Western-style legal system? Are they progessive and good for human rights, or just another sign that China is becoming a bourgeois state? Should they loosen restrictions, or tighten the screws?
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Post 02 Jan 2016, 15:06
China's legal system is fair except those that applies to crimes against national security which is the same as in capitalist countries. What made you think that expatriates who visit the country for six months are not engaged in spying. They do. Actually China is lenient to them for fear of scandals and public uproar.
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