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Hello, all!

Soviet cogitations: 9
Defected to the U.S.S.R.: 04 Mar 2018, 23:37
Ideology: Social Democracy
New Comrade (Say hi & be nice to me!)
Post 05 Mar 2018, 03:44
I am a new denizen of this board. My own political views are a bit radical. I am extremely conservative morally, but fiscally rather Left Wing. I regard Communism as an interesting phenomenon, and really like aspects of it, whilst disagreeing with aspects of it. And I do enjoy studying the theories and concepts. Right now I am reading Marx, "A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy", which he wrote as a kind of Prelude to Das Kapital. I shall read Das Kapital and Theories of Surplus Value afterward. I have of course read the Communist Manifesto, "What is to be Done?" (by Lenin), and quite a bit of Mao's work. I have all 45 volumes of Lenin's Works, and the 14 volumes of Stalin's Works, and the 5 of Mao's Works. Vol. 5 is almost impossible to get, as it was only published right before his death. Vols. 1-4 are still obtainable.

Anyway, just a brief intro. I am a writer and English teacher/interpreter in Sioux City (the other language being Spanish). I look forward to chatting with you all.
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