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Misreporting -- "Squid Game"

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Post 11 Dec 2021, 21:11
A claim doing the rounds in the media is that a smuggler was sentenced to death for bringing a copy of "Squid Game" into North Korea. Business Insider published this article casting doubt on the claim, but not before it was all over the Internet: ... ?r=US&IR=T
Post 13 Dec 2021, 03:14
Archived for those who don't like Axel-Springer:
Stuff like this is what burned me out with online debating. The worse thing is that the Real Journalists and straight-up liars (Though I repeat myself) will never pay for this, because you can say almost anything negative you want about the DPRK and get away with it.
Post 13 Dec 2021, 03:28
I think something like 90% of online info on North Korea is a complete fabrication so it is not surprising at all. Maybe like 15 years ago when there was much more of an information blackout it was believable, but if you still fall for this stuff today you are an idiot.
Post 22 Dec 2021, 13:30
I’ve actually stopped speaking with people over their opinions of the DPRK. A sign of a true idiot is one that believes bombastic stories that denigrate the good people of North Korea. I’ve had an ignoramus Arab once show me and laugh about a video allegedly of North Korean prisoners being executed with canon fire. Upon slightly investigating the video further for myself, I found the complete version online which was actually ISIL executing his fellow Arabs.

Another example is of a Slav I knew who claimed that North Koreans believe their country had won the world cup. He proceeded to show me as proof a facebook post of a score board with Korea winning. Once again after a five minute google search, I found a VICE article debunking this asinine myth by actually asking North Koreans in person watching the world cup on TV on whether they believe this to be true. In actuality, this Slavic fool doesn’t even know that North Korea has performed better than his country has by qualifying twice and even reaching the quarter finals in 1966 after beating Italy who were one of the favorites to win the tournament that year, a feat that has yet to be rivaled by any underdog.

People living under capitalism are some of the most brainwashed beings in the universe. Believe that.
Post 24 Dec 2021, 23:17
Here’s one of the best and most respectful documentaries I’ve ever seen on the DPRK:

My Brothers and Sisters in the North
Post 27 Dec 2021, 22:38
Yeqon wrote:
Here’s one of the best and most respectful documentaries I’ve ever seen on the DPRK:

My Brothers and Sisters in the North

I was quite taken by the candidness of this documentary . It didn't just try to portray the DPRK in a positive light any more than a negative. I expect that given the sleep deprivation , mentioned in the film ,as well as the indoctrination , detractors will be ever more inclined to deem the regime to be like a political cult of personality , based upon the B.I.T.E. model of mind control. < ... l-members/ , ... obal-waco/ > Even I fe!t that their singing the praises of Kim Kong Un reminded me of how I was brought up to worship Jesus , as a child. I suppose that such a social situation is the product of both the material conditions and cultural traditions of the Korean people in the North . I hope that after reunification , whatever that might entail , the people can then enjoy more personal freedom . I know that I wouldn't appreciate living under such an epitamy of barracks communism , and I consider myself to be a Communist too.
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