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Stalin's Great Farewell - music from film

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Post 30 Mar 2016, 23:38
hello comrades!

I have here video, which show socialist world in 1953. Stalin is dead:

And my question is - what is the name of music, which starts at:
-1:09:57 (this must be 100% soviet, it's a march)
-1:06:48 (choir)

Post 05 Apr 2016, 03:20
I am afraid I can only identify the last one, which is a composition by Robert Schumann called Traumerei/Reverie, you can find it here.
Post 13 Apr 2016, 22:16
Thank You! That's definetely it! So, we have to find another two music compositions
who can help? It's been long long time, when i started finding it.
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