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What party are you in?

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Post 28 Nov 2015, 22:43
I'm in the CPGB-ML
Post 29 Nov 2015, 17:44
Technically , like so many American Communists , such as Rick Nagin , for example , I am a registered Democrat . For your information though , I do not always , or even usually vote the straight Democratic party ticket , and once even voted for a Socialist candidate , Dan La Botz .
Post 29 Nov 2015, 20:13
Post 29 Nov 2015, 21:28
New Communist Party of the Netherlands.
Post 29 Nov 2015, 22:10
Not in a party and never have been. I'm increasingly starting to believe that far left parties do more harm than good to the Marxist cause.
Post 29 Nov 2015, 23:04
Then what do you suppose would help the Marxist cause? What does "the Marxist cause" even mean in this case?
Post 30 Nov 2015, 00:31
La Cámpora organization, Partido Justicialista (Justicialist Party). Neither communist nor socialist, but Peronist. But that's where the power is.
We're all together in the Frente para la Victoria (Front for Victory) with the Partido Comunista (Communist Party - the stalinist kind), Partido Comunista Congreso Extraordinario (Communist Party Extraordinary Congress - a spin off the other party) and the Partido Obrero Revolucionario (Revolutionary Worker's party - a Posadist-trostkyist party).
The regular Trots (too many parties to name) are in the opposition. And one of the reasons that led to the neoliberal right winning the presidential election 10 days ago.
Post 30 Nov 2015, 20:14
Then what do you suppose would help the Marxist cause? What does "the Marxist cause" even mean in this case?

The reason why there are no strong proletarian movements nowadays and the previous "socialist" countries failed is because capitalism has not completed its global development. Workers still think that capitalism has something to offer them and, let's be honest, they are right. (Just look at the increase in wealth and wages in China thanks to market reforms.) But within this are the seeds of capitalism's destruction as more people become proletarians after moving from the countryside to the cities to look for better paying work, technology increasingly replaces jobs with machines, and governments find it increasingly harder to extract super-profits from cheap labour on the world market in order to pay for welfare. Capitalism is the first global economic system; the conditions for revolution therefore need to be global in nature.

All the tiny Marxist parties here in Britain are basically run by middle class intellectuals who hate each other more than they hate capitalism. They never achieve anything remotely Marxist and end up at best campaigning on social-democrat causes such as racial and sexual equality, Palestine, Stop the War, etc. While there is nothing wrong with these causes, you don't have to be a Marxist to support them so they are not Marxist causes.
Post 04 Jan 2016, 02:03
Communist Party of Canada! Worships Elizabeth Rowley and Miguel Figueroa as GOOD gods!
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