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Poll for Forum Icon for Dustbin of History

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Forum Icon for Dustbin of History

Total votes : 17
Post 25 Sep 2011, 23:32
Please select one..
Trotsky, who coined the Phrase,
Martov, who he directed the phrase at
The Czar
A dumpster
an actual 19th century Dust Bin
Two random Imperialists
Post 25 Sep 2011, 23:55
I love the Pythonesque quality of this poll! My vote goes to the Two Random Imperialists, since they pretty much personify what Bolshevism was fighting to make obsolete.
Post 25 Sep 2011, 23:59
Nicholas ftw.
Post 26 Sep 2011, 00:01
Sending in my vote for Nikolai II.
Post 26 Sep 2011, 00:04
Votin' for ole Leon.
Post 26 Sep 2011, 01:36
I'm voting for Leon.

Not because I hate him, but because I thought he was an incredibly important figure who actually has a great deal more relevance to this site than some 19th century aristocrat.

I realize he's controversial, but making a mild controversy might get people discussing things a little more.
Post 30 Sep 2011, 21:13
OK, so whose statue are we toppling over now?
Post 30 Sep 2011, 22:58
I'd rather have the dustbin itself than Trotsky. It's bad enough he's on the intro page, but do we need him as a forum avatar as well?
Post 01 Oct 2011, 01:12
Well, it seems that Fox has made his own choices.

So this was all kinda pointless.

Comrade Gulper wrote:
do we need him as a forum avatar as well?
He isn't though.
Post 01 Oct 2011, 01:14
Shigalyov wrote:
Well, it seems that Fox has made his own choices.

So this was all kinda pointless.

You're telling me :/

There are a couple I can't even figure out. Chaz and I have been stumped lol
Post 01 Oct 2011, 02:56
Why is the current icon for the Dustbin of History side ways?
Post 01 Oct 2011, 03:07
It's a statue that's been toppled. I've been trying to figure out whose statue, but with no success.
Post 01 Oct 2011, 03:16
I can't figure it out. The mustache looks like Stalin's but the hairline doesn't. Trotsky has a big forehead but his facial hair wasn't that thick, right? Pretty sure its the tsar. Hairline and mustache seem closest.
Post 01 Oct 2011, 03:22
Post 01 Oct 2011, 03:59
I feel its supposed to be ambiguous as to prevent thin skinned folks from complaining too much.
Post 01 Oct 2011, 04:07
I don't like this intimation that thin skinned folks are somehow unduly complaint prone. It sounds like stereotyping to me.
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