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Conditions of the Russian military - living and morale

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Post 09 Dec 2009, 17:28
I find it ironic how the Russian government is upgrading the level of the military's hardware, while ignoring the more basic things, like the way soldiers live and how this effects morale. I served in the Finnish Navy's marines during my compulsory military service this year, before I was discharged for medical reasons (back injury during training): Finland is not a major military power, yet it amazes me how a country that has several times smaller military expenditure thinks of its soldiers much more than the Russian military. Compared to a Russian military barracks that I have seen in Viipuri and St. Petersburg and the Finnish one where I lived at, I can only pity the conditions of the servicemen. Old Soviet era buildings that have seen the best of their condition in all fields ages ago. Unsuprisingly, conditions like this effect the military morale - Russian military has some of the highest suicide rates in the world. ... re=related

Russian soldier says how they live like tramps compared to conditions of former Georgian barracks.

I am not attacking Russian soldiers or the military itself - what I am questioning is this: why doesn't the Russian government provide better for the servicemen of her military? A military doesn't serve with just firearms - morale is a weapon, and living conditions effect morale; I can say this from personal experience.
Post 09 Dec 2009, 21:16
Moves are being made to that extent but very slowly. In large part it's a question of funding. Remember the cost of the construction in Russia is much higher. Morever there is no rush with conscript soldiers because they have no choice in the matter. Contract soldiers are actually getting relatively decent housing, dining facilities, etc.

I suggest you read up on the new military towns being built for all-contract permanent readyness formations. Sadly for now they're an exception. I guess it's a matter of time. At current rates the entire Russian Army will be contract before 2020. And contract soldiers won't sign up unless they have decent living conditions.
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