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Top Gun eastern style

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Post 13 May 2014, 20:47
OK gents looks like action movies do not thrill anybody anymore. I guess we are all too old for such childish things. Yet there is something that I believe will get attention and that are aviation movies with those silver “birds” roaring at supersonic speeds. Apart from the plot which some might find interesting enough to follow while others not so such films are a real feast for anybody interested in aviation for they provide an opportunity to see aircraft in their “natural habitat” so to say and last but not least they also give a glimpse of how things were than in socialist countries for they are set in those times and places. Here is my selection. To start with the Soviet ДНИ ЛЕТНЬІЕ from1966, than the East German Anflug Alpha 1 from 1971. BTW looking at those two films made within just a couple of years from each other gives one a glimpse of the differences between the Soviet Union and East Germany which are in the latter’s favour. Next comes the Polish Na niebie i na ziemi from the year 1973 – though it is as much a drama as an aviation movie (if not more) followed by the Czechoslovak Pod nohame nebe from the year 1983. There was also a North Korean aviation movie of similar sort but I can not find its title now. Other examples of eastern aviation movies and TV series if there were any as well as your thoughts on the subject.
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