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A Chinese CCTV History of the USSR from 2006

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Post 05 Aug 2013, 14:37
I'm interested in the way in which the current Chinese Regime regards the rise and fall of the USSR and both is flaws and merits. In 2007 CCTV made a series on the rise and fall of the Great Powers. It was more from the lens of geopolitics than Marxism, and viewed the USSR more as a Soviet Empire than a Revolutionary State. From some of the negative youtube comments, I gather at least to Americans it seems to have a pro-Soviet pro-Communist bias. ... eat_Powers

Unfortunately it is in Mandarin, with no subtitles. Wikipedia claims that the History Channel dubbed it, but I've found no evidence of this. Some of the pundit interviews are in English.

But since it was produced by CCTV, and connected to the CPC's concerns with PRC as a rising great power, I would consider the film to be something along the lines of the CPC's official evaluation of the USSR experience.
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