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1969 Chinese anti-Soviet documentary & other Socialist films

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Post 01 Feb 2012, 22:03
Here are some Chinese Communist films from the 60s in English. This one would be of most relevance to SE since its about the CPC analysis of 1960s USSR.


A collection of Chinese documentary films and motion pictures
from the 1950s to 1970s

10th Anniversary (1959)
Visitors on the Icy Mountain (1963) [English subtitles]
The East is Red (1964) [English subtitles]
Nuclear Test (1966)
9th Congress (1969)
Anti-China Atrocities of the New Tsars (1969) [English version]
Educated Youth in the Countryside (1973) [English version]
Shining Red Star (1974) [English version]
The People of Huixian County Have Done Well (1974) [English version]
Sun Shines over Lhasa (1975) [English version]
Funeral of Zhou (1976) [English version]
Funeral of Mao (1976)
China Today (1979) [English version]

Here is the official Albanian life of Hoxha ... juNDcKTkyD

And here is a collection of East German films

Sorry if any of these are reposts
Post 09 Feb 2012, 10:00
Thank you. The first one is a must-see!
Post 09 Feb 2012, 12:20
Cool,thanks for the links!

"These wild beasts even sprouted water at Chinese patrol boats..."

Chinese fishermen in wooden boats "attack" a Soviet patrol vessel...
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