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How are Communist Parties Organized?

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Post 19 Oct 2015, 06:33
1. What is the overall hierarchy of a Communist party (In general; namely that of the bolshiveks)?

2. How are these sections of the party elected, and what are these sections specific tasks, and/or focuses?

Red Specter
Post 19 Oct 2015, 10:32
Go to Amazon and order yourself "Essential Works Of Lenin", published by Dover Press. If it isn't in print in your neck of the woods, you can quickly order a similar title. If you don't have a few quid to spare, just read the customer reviews. It's all there.

Also, please don't expect strangers on a forum to do your school work for you.
Post 19 Oct 2015, 15:52
The Party of Labour of Albania was organized similarly to the CPSU, so looking at its party constitution can be of some value: ... rOfAlbania
Post 22 Oct 2015, 17:14
hahaha No, this is of personal interest of me! I wish I was taking a class that involed the Boleshvieks.

Comrade Gulper wrote:
Also, please don't expect strangers on a forum to do your school work for you.
Post 25 Oct 2015, 00:30
French Communist Party nowadays:

1. The cell (cellule): This is the basis. You will create a cell with a few communists from the same district, in the same town or, if possible, in the same workplace. Unfortunately, many cells disappeared, especially those based on workplaces for obvious reasons.

2. The Section: It regroups different cells from the same area, usually the same town. During the French Revolution, revolutionary groups were also called "sections".

3. The federation: It regroups different sections from the same "d├ępartement" (a French administrative subdivision).

Cells, sections and federations have their own elected secretary.

5. Congress: every few years, the federations send a few comrades to the congress. The comrades usually vote for the text proposed by the leadership, no matter what.

6. The National Council. A few representatives elected by the Congress. The Congress always vote for the list and texts proposed by the leadership.

7. The National Secretary (formerly General Secretary). He is elected by the National Council, but since the National Council was indirectly appointed by the Congress, and since the Congress always agree with the leadership, the National Secretary always manage to get elected.
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