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The July Theses by Romanian leader Nicolae Ceaușescu 1971

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Post 06 Jul 2021, 01:07
Proposals for measures to improve the political-ideological activity, Marxist-Leninist education of party members, of all working people

As a result of the profound transformations that took place in the years after liberation, of the victory of the socialist order, of the huge political-educational activity carried out by the party, in our country very important results were obtained in widening the cultural horizon, raising the political and ideological level. in the formation of the socialist consciousness of those who work. This is expressed in the fact that our entire people, all working people, regardless of nationality, undoubtedly pursue the internal and external policy of the party, which they consider as their own policy, seeing in it the guarantee of their well-being and happiness. The ultimate goal of our party's policy has been and is to increase the material and spiritual well-being of the masses, to ensure the conditions for the full affirmation of the personality, the creation of the new man, deeply devoted to socialism and communism. Political-educational activity is an inseparable part of the work of building the new social order, a major concern of our party and state.

Despite all the great successes achieved so far, a series of shortcomings, deficiencies and shortcomings still persist in the political-ideological and cultural-educational work, the removal of which is an urgent necessity of the progress of our society.

Taking into account the requirements of the current stage of socialist construction, the great objectives facing the party and the people in shaping the multilateral-developed socialist society, it is necessary to take measures to raise the level of revolutionary combativeness and partisan militant spirit of all political activity. , ideological and communist education of the masses, carried out by party organs and organizations, mass and public organizations, state bodies, propaganda institutions, ideological and cultural-artistic.

1. - Decisive in achieving these objectives is the continuous lifting of the leading role of the party in all areas of political and educational activity, increasing the responsibility and exigency of party organs and organizations in guiding the entire work of mass education, carried out through all means of political influence. and the factors of culturalization that our society has.

To this end, the party leadership and control will be strengthened in the orientation of politico-educational activity towards the mass promotion of our party's ideology, its Marxist-Leninist policy, towards increasing combativeness against the influences of bourgeois ideology, retrograde mentalities, foreign to the principles of communist ethics. and party spirit. A special emphasis will be placed on the presentation of the great conquests obtained by the Romanian people - builder of socialism, on emphasizing the leading role of the working class, which honorably fulfills its historical mission in building socialism, on cultivating respect for work, for producers of goods materials from our society.

An essential task of the politico-educational work carried out by our party is to educate all those who work in the spirit of socialist patriotism, of boundless love and devotion to the homeland, of the determination not to spare anything for defending our revolutionary conquests, independence and sovereignty. , for the continuous strengthening and flourishing of socialist Romania. In the process of building a multilaterally developed socialist society, it is necessary to continue to work for an even stronger cementing of the unity and brotherhood of Romanian, Hungarian, German, Serb and other nationalities, who, animated by the same interests and aspirations, achieve all together. the material and spiritual values ​​of the country, participates with enthusiasm in the fight for the prosperity of the common homeland - the Socialist Republic of Romania. It is the duty of party organizations to firmly combat any tendency and form of expression of nationalism. Political work must act decisively against any manifestation of indiscipline, violation of the norms of social coexistence, in the direction of developing respect for public property, for the laws of the country, to strengthen socialist legality and public order.

The leadership and organization of the entire politico-educational activity are directly the responsibility of the county party offices and committees, of the party bodies at all levels, of the activists working in the field of propaganda, of all the communists.

In carrying out all these tasks, an important role must be played - under the leadership of the party - by trade unions, youth and women's organizations, all mass and public organizations in our country.

2. - The Propaganda Section of the Central Committee will present proposals to improve the organization of party education, the forms of political and ideological training of cadres and party members, the broad masses of working people, in order to develop the partisan, revolutionary spirit. , raising the level of party work. Measures will be taken to improve the curricula and curricula at the “Ștefan Gheorghiu” Party Academy and at the Inter-County Party Schools, in order to ensure the training of staff with the fundamental problems of party work, of the science of political leadership. It will ensure the inclusion in training courses of a larger number of activists from different fields of activity. The recruitment of pupils and students for party schools will be done by party activists,

3. - The forms of mass political work will be extended and activated: the activity of agitators, satirical newspapers, artistic agitation brigades, various forms of visual agitation in the workplace, both in order to popularize and generalize the positive experience, achievements and advanced attitudes, as well as for actively combating negative states of affairs. The party organizations will be oriented to strengthen the direct politico-educational work, from person to person, with each party member, with each citizen.

Particular attention must be paid to party organs in the education of party and state assets in the spirit of our party's deeply humanist policy, a policy of human care, in the spirit of selflessly serving the general interests of society, the people - a fundamental duty and main criterion of appreciation of the cadres, of each communist.

Party bodies must develop in our cadres the concern for ensuring the conditions for the wider participation of the masses in the elaboration and implementation of party and state policy, in the whole economic, social, ideological and cultural life - an eloquent expression of the deep democracy of our socialist order. .

4. - The role of party assemblies in debating the main problems of the life of working groups, in increasing the combativeness and political vigilance of party members, in raising the critical and self-critical spirit, in promoting the firm position against negative phenomena, inappropriate attitudes will have to increase. towards work and public wealth, disinterest in the demands of working people, manifestations of indolence and superficiality. It is the duty of party organizations to form mass opinion in the fight against abuse and dishonesty, embezzlement, all anti-social manifestations.

One of the main objectives of political work, especially among the youth, is to firmly combat the tendencies of parasitism, of easy life, without work, to cultivate responsibility and the duty to work in the service of the homeland, the people, the socialist society. The fulfillment of a useful work society is an honor and an obligation for all citizens.

5. - It is necessary to create a broad mass stream for the participation of all citizens and especially young people in actions of patriotic work - on construction sites, in industry, in agriculture, in the management of localities. Party bodies and organizations, mass and public organizations, local bodies of state power are directly responsible for organizing these actions.

6. - The educational and political training activity in schools and faculties will have to be intensified. To this end, the Ministry of Education will take measures to improve curricula and curricula, paying particular attention to improving the teaching of social sciences. The spirit of responsibility and the role of teachers in the politico-ideological formation of pupils and students will have to be raised. Measures will be taken to strengthen the educational directorates of the Ministry of Education, ensuring their employment with party activists, their direct guidance from the Propaganda Section of the CC of the PCR The CC Secretariat of the PCR, the offices of county and city party committees political activities in schools and faculties, the content of teaching social sciences.

7. - Measures will be taken to intensify the political education activity carried out by UTC organizations and student associations. The main role in the entire activity of UTC must be played by the working youth. Action must be taken to promote the conception of the world and life of the working class among all young people, to cultivate the revolutionary traditions of the working class and the communist party, for the socialist, patriotic, work education of the young generation. The research center for youth issues to focus its activity on these requirements of youth education.

Special attention will have to be paid to cultural-educational and fun activities among the youth and especially to the pupils and students, fighting the manifestations of cosmopolitanism, the different artistic fashions borrowed from the capitalist world. It will be forbidden to serve alcoholic beverages in all youth entertainment venues.

Atheist propaganda will be expanded and intensified, the organization of mass actions to combat mysticism, of retrograde conceptions, for the education of all youth in the spirit of our materialist-dialectical philosophy.

8. - It will increase the role of the Academy of Social and Political Sciences in debating the current ideological problems of our socio-political life, cultural activity and artistic creation, in raising ideological combativeness against foreign influences, in strongly asserting materialist-dialectical philosophy and the politics of our party.

9. - It is necessary to increase the role of the press in the wide propagation of the ideological positions of our party, of our ethical principles of social coexistence, in the firm fight against the influences of bourgeois ideology and retrograde mentalities of any kind. The press will have to cultivate more the advanced figure of the worker, of the producer of material goods devoted body and soul to the cause of socialism, the prosperity of the homeland. It will ensure a firm political orientation, especially of cultural and artistic publications, in the direction of promoting militant socialist art and literature and combating the tendencies of breaking creation from our social realities, from the general public of working people. Through various forms and styles of expression, art must serve the people, the homeland, the socialist society.

10.-It will have to increase the educational role of all radio and television shows. The shows will be addressed more to the broad masses of the audience, especially workers and peasants, while ensuring their more frequent presence on shows. There will be a more rigorous selection of artistic productions broadcast by radio and television, promoting mainly films, plays, musical performances from the national repertoire and especially from the new, socialist repertoire. A rational balance will be ensured in the repertoire policy, so that valuable works from socialist countries will be judiciously represented, as well as representative works from the patrimony of universal culture that have a deep social character and a progressive, advanced philosophical position.

Emissions of satire and humor will have to be directed against the negative phenomena in society, from the positions of our party's politics, removing the productions of bad taste and harmful or ideologically confusing.

Radio and television will stimulate the creation of revolutionary, patriotic, workers' songs, as well as their mass broadcast, organizing in this sense creation and interpretation contests, special shows, etc.

11. - Measures will be taken for a better orientation of the publishing activity, so that the book production will respond more to the requirements of the communist education. A more rigorous control will be exercised, in order to avoid the publication of literary works that do not meet the requirements of the political-educational activity of our party, of the books that promote ideas and concepts harmful to the interests of the socialist construction.

12. - In the orientation of the repertoires of the institutions of performances, theater, opera, ballet, stage, emphasis will be placed on promoting the original creation with a militant, revolutionary character. It will also extend the valuable works of the current artistic creation of the socialist countries, ensuring a more rigorous selection of works from the classical and contemporary international repertoire.

It will act more perseveringly for the development of the Romanian creation of opera, operetta and ballet with themes springing from the struggle of our people for socialism. The county and municipal party committees are responsible for the fair orientation of the repertoires of the professional artistic institutions of performances, as well as of the houses of culture and cultural homes.

13. - Measures will be taken to better balance the films programmed in our cinemas, limiting the broadcasting of police and adventure films, banning films that cultivate violence and vulgarity, which propagate the bourgeois way of life.

14. - A particularly important role in the political-ideological orientation of the cultural-educational activity, in ensuring a content penetrated by the political spirit of our party of the entire literary-artistic creation belongs to the party organizations, to all communists working in this field.

Party members who are part of the party and state governing bodies, as well as all those who work in ideological institutions, political education, education, culture and art, in the whole sphere of our cultural life, must show a high spirit of partisan exigency, of combativeness and Marxist-Leninist principality. They must be an example in this sense, both through their daily activity and through their own literary-artistic creations.

15. - The Ministry of Internal Trade, the Ministry of Tourism, as well as the local party and state bodies will ensure that the music creation in our country is broadcasted in public catering places, while making a careful selection of the foreign repertoire, in the view of removing music that expresses decadent currents.

16. - It is necessary to take measures to improve the work of the Propaganda Section of the Central Committee of the PCR, in order to carry out firmly, at a higher level, its duties. The Ideological Commission and the Culture and Press Committee of the Central Committee will have to work more intensively, to demand in a demanding way the issues of ideological, political and cultural activity, in order to give a fair direction to the whole activity carried out in those fields.

17. - For the debate of the problems of politico-educational work, a meeting will be convened at the Central Committee of the party with the secretaries of the county party committees responsible for propaganda issues, with responsible staff in the field of ideological activity, with leaders of creative unions and cultural institutions.

In the autumn of this year, a plenary CC of the PCR will analyze the issues regarding the ideological, politico-educational and cultural artistic activity. In order to prepare the plenary, debates will be organized in party bodies and organizations, in educational institutions and organizations, as well as in the press.

Acting in the direction of the proposed measures, it is necessary for party bodies and organizations to ensure the orientation of all political-ideological and cultural-educational activity in the spirit of Marxist-Leninist traditions, proletarian internationalism, solidarity of the working people of our country with all peoples. socialist order, with the international communist and working class movement, with the working class, with the peoples fighting for national liberation, for the defense of their national independence and sovereignty, with all contemporary forces rising against imperialism, for social progress and peace.

Our party considers that the fulfillment of national as well as international tasks constitutes an inseparable dialectical unit, their harmonious combination being a fundamental duty of every communist.

The entire ideological, political-educational, cultural-artistic activity that takes place in our country must be based on the general Marxist-Leninist line of the Romanian Communist Party, the program elaborated by the Xth Congress of the party, to ensure the acquisition and translation into life. of them by our entire people. The improvement of the politico-educational activity must lead to the intensification of the participation of the communists, of all the working people, of the whole party and people in the creation of the multilaterally developed socialist society, a work that supposes both the elevation of the material civilization of Romania. high socialist consciousness.

I submit these proposals for measures for approval to the Executive Committee for publication and organization of their live translation.

The proposed measures were approved unanimously by the Executive Committee of the CC of the PCR at its meeting of 6 July 1971.

Source: [Ceaușescu's speech was also published in the brochure Proposals for measures to improve the political-ideological activity, for the Marxist-Leninist education of party members, of all working people. Exhibition at the Working Conference of the party active in the field of ideology and political and cultural-educational activity , Bucharest, Politică Publishing House, 1971] ... iulie-1971
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