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Ostalgia for the Derg

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Post 17 Jun 2020, 21:49

I've heard of Ostalgie as more of an Eastern European phenomena, but it looks like Ethiopia has some adherents.

It seems like the Economist was so focused on harping on the crimes of the Derg, that they left the headline out of the article, as it goes more into its past misdeeds than the subject of the title.
Post 18 Jun 2020, 01:12
Fascinating! Thank you. The nostalgia for socialism, even an imperfect version of it, is interesting. I've even heard similar stories from Afghanistan, whose entire socialist experiment was wracked by war. I'm equally fascinated with some Romanians' love for Ceausescu, even though his austerity policies throughout the 80s made Romania objectively the worst Eastern Bloc country to live in.
Post 24 Jun 2020, 21:06
There is quite a movement called "jugonostalgija" (Yugo-nostalgia) in republics of SFRY, but mainly among the older population who can still remember the good old days when life was more stable in several aspects compared to the current "aporia".
Nostalgics are either frowned upon or made for fools. Nostalgia, however, is never for something bad, but rather for something that was good and is no more. If others cannot appreciate people who have been enjoying wonderful life which is no more, it is because right now there is absolutely nothing that people can appreciate, like, and would later nostalgically reminisce about.
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