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Information on Communist Mongolia

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Post 17 Jul 2014, 12:59
I am interested in the Mongolian People's Republic and I was wondering if any comrades here had some good information or sources regarding this socialist country. I recently found some articles about just how bad things have gotten in Mongolia since the end of communism in that country.

This article from 2005 discusses how youth poverty in capitalist Mongolia has led many in that country to live on the streets, eating garbage and living in sewers. ... mongolia17

Its seems that the USSR was a major source of funding for the Mongolian People's Republic and when the Soviet Union collapsed that spelled the end for communism in Mongolia as well.
Post 17 Jul 2014, 13:43
Well as far as i understand it was the earliest Soviet satellite state. Otherwise seems to have been completely unremarkable as no one ever talks about it either here on this forum or elsewhere. Nor is it in any way different from other ex-Soviet countries in regards to the negative aspects of capitalist restoration.
But until 1944 there existed an even more obscure country right next to Mongolia called the Tuvan People's Republic which had a unique throat-sung version of the Internationale as its anthem:
Post 22 Jul 2014, 00:11
Soviet views:
http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary. ... s+Republic
http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary. ... on+of+1921
http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary. ... nary+Party
Chapter 5 of this: ... nInTheEast

A 1962 book by an American specialist: ... s-Mongolia

And finally Hoxha's sole paragraph discussing his 1956 visit to Mongolia (he visited the DPRK and China afterwards, having much more to say), from The Khrushchevites:
Those 3 or 4 days of our visit to Mongolia passed almost unnoticed. We travelled for hours on end to reach some inhabited centre and everywhere the landscape was the same: vast, bare, monotonous, boring. Tsedenbal, who bounced around us as mobile as a rubber ball, harped on the sole theme—livestock farming. So many million sheep, so many mares, so many horses, so many camels, this was the only wealth, the only branch on which this socialist country supported itself. We drank mare’s milk, wished one another successes and parted.
It was definitely close to the USSR. The anthem in the 50s mentioned Lenin and Stalin by name (something only found in the anthems of the Soviet Socialist Republics of the USSR itself), while the anthem from 1961-1991 mentioned the USSR by name.
Post 29 Jul 2014, 07:35
Wow, a lot of very good information, and much to digest. I thank you both for your informative replies. As for myself, I am sorry to reply so tardily.
Post 23 Feb 2016, 16:02
Post 19 May 2016, 23:07
Μοngolia was an agrarian country that developed also industry (mining) during socialist period after the war. And from 60s was aided by its membership in COMECON.
Post 10 Jul 2019, 23:35
Military parade in Mongolia in honor of the People’s Revolution Day of 1921
Post 11 Jul 2019, 03:02
The book "The infernal library" quotes some of the selected works of the Mongol leader, I tried to hunt it down but it was probably only in Russia. Too bad the author had a sneering tone towards it.

But it is interesting in terms of Marxist theory, as it was long before WW2 and any theory of "people's democracy" and yet it was very similar in praxis.
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