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El Salvador

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Post 28 Nov 2010, 12:51
I know this is old news, but while reading about the Salvadoran civil war of the 1980s, I read that Mauricio Funes (a candidate of the left-wing FMLN) has been president of El Salvador since last year, and so I'm just wondering has there been any major changes since he came to power?
Post 29 Nov 2010, 01:04
Nothing major, when comparing Funes to his predecesors like Handal. Two major items that the FMLN has accomplished were re-opening relations with Cuba and standing up to free trade agremments.
Post 30 Nov 2010, 02:59
Maurico Funes are no from the FMLN, it is a candidate support by the FMLN and doesn't make the political program promise during the electoral campaign (who include the adhesion in the ALBA) only little social measures.

It is a treater !

PS :
Post 20 May 2016, 02:18
Do we know from any major changes from current president Salvador Sanchez Ceren?? He comes from FMLIN old guard
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