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Democratic Republic of Afghanistan

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Post 29 Jun 2008, 06:32
Tongzhi(comrades) do you remember this? In 1980s soviet union help set up socialist government in afghanistan. Did you know that afghanistan was a a thriving country under socialism. People were educated. Women loved system because they had rights that they never have before under strict religous government. They could vote, speak in public wear normal dress.( i dont think islam is bad religion but im just saying they had more freedom.)But the US
decide this was bad(somehow) and they enlist terrorist group mujahideen to fight soviet union and DRA. But US got what it deserve because the people they help (supposedly
) set up 9/11 attack. What do you think about it?
Post 29 Jun 2008, 20:45
A real kick in the balls
Post 13 Jul 2008, 11:20
It is sad that the DRA was never allowed to get off the ground, and moreso, it is pathetic that only now the US praises Afghanistan's new "freedoms" when these freedoms existed in 1978 before US covert actions destroyed them.
Post 10 Mar 2018, 05:33
The bad was that Afghanistan was a backward society to accept such reforms. Islamic fundamentalism was against all the progressive measures of the socialist government
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