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Post 02 Jan 2008, 04:43
How was communism in Nicaragua? I hardly know anything about it except the overthrow of its government by the US.
Post 02 Jan 2008, 17:53
It wasn't communist. It was a tinhorn despotism that claimed to be socialist so it could have Soviet and Cuban support.
Post 07 Jan 2008, 05:18
So it was kinda like Egypt in the 50's? Well uh thx...
Post 25 Feb 2008, 05:33
That's not even remotely accurate. The FSLN (Sandinistas) came to power in Nicaragua through a massive popular revolution against the US-backed Somoza dictatorship in 1979. they were relatively open and democratic as far as Moscow-supported regimes went, and under their government Nicaragua made significant gains in health care, education, and land reform. unfortunately, this was all undermined in the civil war fomented by the US and fought by the "Contras", mostly a bunch of terrorist thugs from the old Somoza regime who sabotaged agriculture and public works projects, targeted Sandinista supporters for assassination, and massacred peasants in the countryside. (The US called these people "freedom fighters", of course.)

The Sandinistas weren't "overthrown", technically; they lost a relatively fair democratic election in 1990 to a coalition led by Violetta Chamorro. The main reason why they lost was that people thought the civil war would just go on and on if the FSLN stayed in power (which was probably right, alas). The Chamorro administration proceeded to roll back ALL of the significant social improvements made under the FSLN that hadn't already been negated by the civil war (one memorable instance was ordering all school textbooks in the country to be burned because they contained FSLN "propaganda"), and Nicaragua basically reverted to the Third World shit hole that it had been for decades under the Somozas.

The Sandinistas won the 2006 presidential election, so now they're in charge again. Unfortunately, they seem to have come to terms with the Washington Consensus on Latin America and they aren't that revolutionary or socialist anymore.
Post 01 Mar 2008, 18:15
Why haven't I heard anything at all about Nicaragua since Daniel Ortega's election to the presidency? Has nothing much changed since then? What has he done so far?
Post 01 Mar 2008, 20:38
Ortega is currently creating friendy ties with Venezuela and Iran. Domestically I don't know what he's doing since all they put out about him is news about him commenting on something that Chavez or Fidel has done or said. The U.S. is preventing him from doing anything radical in Venezuela so I don't think there isn't much to do.
Post 01 Mar 2008, 22:15
Pretty much. By all indications, Ortega's turned into one of those "soft" Latin American left-liberals a la Lula or Bachelet; basically he'll talk a good game but he won't ever do anything against the interests of US imperialism in practice. Of course, considering what he went through in the 80s it's hard to blame him for being cautious, but still.
Post 01 Mar 2008, 23:19
I think he's a more than Lula but less than Evo Morales. I think I did read something on him trying out some welfare plan or something. I don't remember it was a while ago around the time Chavez gave that speech at the UN.
Post 20 May 2016, 02:01
Ortega has seek some aid from Russia and cheap oil from Venezuela (at least during Chavez years) from 2006 and on. FSLN still attracts high popular support mainly because other right parties are corrupt. Under the recent administrations of Daniel Ortega, the Nicaraguan economy has increased dramatically despite the global recession.
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