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Which leader implemented better Socialist policies in Iraq?

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Post 26 Feb 2007, 22:18
Iraq was one of the few countries in the Middle East & in the proximity of the GCC to implement a populist regime (though they may differ in their composition & dynamics from pure Marxism / Maoism / Leninism / Stalinism etc).

I was thinking between Abd-Al-Karim Kassim and Ahamad Hassan Al Bakr. No point even talking about Saddam. Which of those 2 leaders, in your opinion, came closer to a better run Socialist government. And why?

Abd-Al-Karim Kassim is famously known by his Madinath Al Tawara (Revolution city- renamed Saddam City and now, Sadr City) project, which was Iraq's single largest free housing coop, that housed more than 35,000 formerly homeless, unemployed, elderly Iraqis.

Al Bakr is famously known for his attempts to integrate Iraq into the UAR (United Arab Republic) and for formalising strategic & military ties w/ the USSR.

Just wondering what fellow comrades think about this issue...
Post 27 Feb 2007, 03:03
I don't know so much about about Iraq to comment in a scholarly and well informed fashion. I did a little wiki research to further my (and hopefully others') understanding of these two men and their contributions to the progressive movement, with a little list:

Abd-Al-Karim Kassim:
(PM 1958-1963)

-Withdrew from Baghdad Pact
-Began building friendly relations with the USSR
-Kicked out British forces
-Legalized equality of all citizens with 1958 Constitution
-Lifted ban on Communist Party
-Agrarian land reforms like Nasser's
-Demanded annexation of Kuwait
-Seized 98% of oil land from British petrolium companies
-Promoted laws encouraging increased women's participation in society
-Supported ideologically struggles of Palestinians and Algerians against Israel and France

-Territorial claims on Iran (Arabic areas ceded to Iran by Ottomans)- - - (not sure if con)
-Refused Kurdish independence, autonomy
-Refused to enter the Pan-Arab UAR
-Personality cult & repression after assassination attempt

*Overthrown and killed by Ba'athists with support of Nasser and 1963

Ahamad Hassan Al Bakr:

-Completed nationalization of Iraq Petroleum Company
-Industrial expansion and economic diversification as oil revenues increased
-Close ties to the UAR (nearly joining it at one point)
-Official Treaty of Friendship with USSR
-Aided Syria in Yom Kippur War against Israel
-Participated in oil boycott of Israel's supporters to hurt their economies post Yom Kippur War
-Attempted Kurdish autonomy agreements (thought not going far enough for Kurds = intensified conflict)
-Settled several major border disputes with Iran

-Illegalized all non Ba'athist political activity
-Appointed Saddam Hussein to Vice President, who took over more and more power and pushed him to resign in 1979
Post 27 Feb 2007, 03:11
Thanks for the concise pros and cons summary, comrade!
Post 20 May 2016, 01:48
sovie78 told everything. Abd-Al-Karim Kassim was the best but unfortunately Baathists removed and killed him
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