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Post 19 Feb 2007, 19:40
we all know che attempted to start a revolution in the congo back in the 60's but he didnt suceed .isnt todays congo a communist country?i think it's the democratic republic of congo or just the regular congo?
Post 19 Feb 2007, 20:12
Laurent-Désiré Kabila fought with Che in the 1960's. he finally succeeded in 1997(ish) at overthrowing Mobutu.

He was assasinated in 2001 and his son Joseph took over for him.

I have no evidence of Marxism being carried out there. I wrote a good portion of the wiki article on congo a few years back.. I haven't read any changes that were made to it..
Post 20 May 2016, 01:47
There wasn't any communist revolution in Congo. Patris Lubumba just tried to achieve support from Soviet Union in order to deal with Katanga secessionists at the first years of Congo's independence. USA feared then that Soviet Union might exploit that chance to get access to Congo's uranium riches used to make nuclear bombs so they supported its enemies that assassinated him at the end
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