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Cuban Mission/Embassy in USA to reopen.

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Post 26 Jul 2015, 01:31
Was told this by someone who watches Aljazeera.

This is kind of Bittersweet. On the one hand it's a step towards lifting the Embargo which is good but the darker aspects are easier methods of USA Intel Acquisition and more Levers appearing for the US to tweak and apply pressure through.

I'm hoping for the best but fairly wary.
Post 16 Jan 2016, 23:38
It is not bittersweet for America. It is a ploy by the CIA to better monitor Cuban agents in Florida and Washington due to the heavy losses CIA and DIA incurred from Cuban moles like Ana Belen Montes et al. Cuba has mastered the science of spying. They do not brag of their successes unlike what America does in the BILLION DOLLAR SPY.
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