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Interview with Ricardo Alarcón

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Post 12 Apr 2012, 22:47
I beseech everyone to read this. It's a bit long, but touches many topics, such as Fidel's current role, economic reforms, emigration and a lot more. I don't think you can even discuss what's happening in Cuba without reading this interview.

Ricardo Alarcón was for a long time the Cuban ambassador to the UN. For a long time too, I thought that he was a likely successor for the Cuban presidency, with Perez Roque.
Post 22 Apr 2012, 00:18
Thanks for posting this.

Raul Castro has often cited the case of hairdressing salons. When was it that Karl Marx suggested that socialism consisted of collectivizing hairdressing salons? When was it that he said that this activity, like many others, ought to be administered and controlled by the state? The idea of socialism has always been the collectivization of the fundamental means of production.

Ha! And why didn't he comment on, obviously known to him, quote by Lenin who said that petty production gives birth to capitalism and the bourgeoisie — continuously, every day, every hour.
It is evident that there is a growth of "private sector" going in in Cuba which, by its logic, spreads and grows even stronger every day.

To do this, we need to unleash new productive forces and enable personal initiatives, in the city as well as in the countryside. In this way, we will establish a Cuban socialism that, ultimately, does not simply respond to established dogma, follow another’s example, or copy a predetermined template.

Classical Dengism.

What characterizes Latin America at the present moment is the fact that a number of countries, each in its own way, are constructing their own versions of socialism.

A favorite phrase of people from Titoites to Dengists to Jucheists.

For a long while now, one of the fundamental errors of socialist and revolutionary movements has been the belief that a socialist model exists. In reality, we should not be talking about socialism, but rather about socialisms in the plural

No comment.

I am not sure that there are many governments around the world that would take the trouble of consulting the public before adopting a policy aimed at transforming their economic system.

Yes, indeed, it's not surprising that "enterpreneurs" with pockets full of hard currency had something to say about all this.

Out of all of this experimentation a new socialism will emerge, different from that we have now, but it will still be socialism and it will be without a doubt more authentic.

Seems legit.
Exactly what Deng spoke of some 30 years ago.

I don’t think so, even if it is true that there will be a greater presence of market mechanisms in Cuban society, mechanisms that characterize the market economy, or capitalism if you prefer.

Says it all. These "mechanisms" do what they do, there is nothing to be done about this, except not letting them "off the leash" in the first place.

Therefore i think it's safe to conclude that Cuba has started speeding towards capitalist restoration even faster.
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