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1st National Conference of the PCC

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Post 30 Jan 2012, 02:09
Granma wrote:
Raúl presides over Communist Party Conference

THE 1st National Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), presided over by Army General Raúl Castro, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, began this morning.

The opening words were given by José Ramón Machado Ventura, PCC second secretary.

Delegates then moved into four commissions to discuss the issues contained in the Conference draft document: the functioning, methods and style of work of the Party; political and ideological work; cadre policy and finally, PCC relations with the Union of Young Communists (UJC) and mass organizations.

The initial version of the Conference document was published last October and debated in 65,000-plus meetings of Party nucleuses and UJC grassroots committees. Members made more than one million proposals in relation to the document, which resulted in the modification of 78 of its 96 objectives and the incorporation of another five.

The 811 delegates to the Conference discussed the modifications proposed in provincial meetings in early January. They are now continuing these discussions within the four commissions.

The Conference was convened by the 6th Congress of the Party in April of last year. It closes tomorrow, Sunday.

PCC wrote:
The essential purpose of the conference that begins today is to deepen the party's work

2012-01-28 01/28/2012

The Party's National Conference begins today with the primary purpose of deepening the party's work to accelerate the development of society and strengthen the Economic and Social Guidelines adopted at the Sixth Congress, from the concept that there is no economy ideology.

As stated in the resolution of the Sixth Congress, the Party's role is decisive in this crucial endeavor. This will require a lot of work together, and organizational effort for an effective ideological work, away from formalism and based on constant contact with the population.

The Conference, as reported, is preceded by an extensive analysis and discussion of a basic document that called for the entire membership of the Party and the Young Communist League and, as highlighted by José Ramón Machado Ventura, Second Secretary, to present a comprehensive assessment before the Third Plenum of the Committee, this process helped to demonstrate our strengths and vulnerabilities, while reflecting discipline and unity within the Party, agreed on the need to change working methods and style, as well as raise the rigor and demands in all areas of our society.

Fulfilling the mandate of the Sixth Congress, among the priority issues that the Conference should address, and so is reflected in the Base Document discussed include

The changes in the methods and style of Party work to clarify and consolidate its role as the organized vanguard of the Cuban Revolution and the highest leading force of society and the state, the cadre policy, with emphasis on the promotion of women, blacks , mestizos and young people to positions of power, both political and other organizations and institutions, always based on merit and personal conditions. Set time limits on the mandate to take leadership responsibilities in the Party organizations at all levels.

Also the role of Party leadership and the systematic control of the process of updating the economic model and the performance of the economy, strengthening internal democracy and to the Party's work increasingly dynamic, stimulating initiative and struggle patterns and attitudes against bureaucratic; to old vices such as improvisation, formalism, false unanimity and opportunism.

Other issues include the review of concepts and methods related to the UJC and mass organizations, as well as projecting the Party's work to leave behind prejudices against non-state sector of the economy.

By emphasizing work on this improvement, the Army General Raul Castro Ruz said that the first thing we have to change in the party life is the mentality that as a psychological barrier is the most work we will overcome, to be tied to obsolete dogmas and criteria.

Last article was google translated from with the original title: El propósito esencial de la Conferencia que comienza hoy es profundizar en el trabajo partidista.

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Not sure if I'm understanding the difference between the PCC's congress and the PCC's conference perhaps a comrade could explain the differences?
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