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Cuba's relations with Albania and China

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Post 03 Aug 2011, 22:26
Did Cuba have good relations with Hoxha's Albania, and Mao's China? I'm guessing not because Cuba worked with the soviets.
Post 04 Aug 2011, 03:48
Not necessarily. Having worked with the Soviets does not mean necessarily having sided with the Soviets. The same goes for North Korea, where they maintained relations with both the USSR and the PRC during the Cold War. I admit I don't know a whole lot about this, but in China, people don't really have negative impressions of Cuba (and better impressions toward Cuba than Russia, though people have warmer feelings toward Russia, in spite of the history of the Sino-Soviet Split).

Not sure about Albania, but probably not as close, since Hoxha had a tendency of accusing everyone of being a revisionist and isolating his country.
Post 08 Aug 2011, 02:54
Well I know Hoxha renounced Cuba as a revisionist state. I assume Cuba and Albania had poor relations
Post 19 Dec 2012, 05:02
I also feel that there was most likely an unhealthy, if not non-existant relation between Cuba and Albania.
Post 19 Dec 2012, 19:32
Cuba had and does still have good relations with Vietnam. And seeing as Vietnam and China did not have good relations during the latter half of the Cold War leads me to believe that China and Cuba relations were lukewarm at best. However, I do recall Mao being displeased at the Soviets backing down over the Missile Crisis, suppose there was some early support for Cuba.

Edit: Sorry, didn't realize this was an old thread!
Post 20 Dec 2012, 21:51
In the early-to-mid 60's the Albanians, like the Chinese, tried to persuade the Cubans to not become pawns of Soviet social-imperialism. See also: ... ubaalb.htm

Che Guevara sympathized with the line of the Chinese and Albanians, calling the latter "our brothers" when refusing an attempt by the USSR and Czechoslovakia to economically pressure Albania in 1961, an attempt which they tried to involve the Cubans in. Despite this Che's "foco" theory was attacked as anti-Marxist, and the slavish adherence of the Castro leadership to the Soviet Union likewise harmed relations between Albania and China on one hand and Cuba on the other. Still, trade relations and whatnot did exist between Cuba and both states.
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