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Information on Cuba

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Post 16 Aug 2008, 07:40
I've been meaning to make one of these.

Politics and Democracy
American vs. Cuban Democracy
Cuban Elections: An Example of Democracy ACN 2007
Cuba's Electoral System by Cuba Solidarity
The Myth of Cuban Dictatorship

1st Hand Accounts
Bicycling Cuba 2000
Cuba, An Island of Paradoxes 2004
Daily Life

Cuban Government Sites
Cuban Embassy in the Netherlands
1992 Constitution of the Republic of Cuba
Cuba's National Assembly Website

United State's Terrorism Against Cuba and Other Attempts to Topple Socialism
Castro slams new US ‘provocations’ in diplo-row 2006 news article about US radio warfare by the Khaleej Times
Cuba 'blocking' American messages BBC 2006
On Whoes Moral Authority (related to the Cuban 5)
Exile Terrorism
Free the Five
US employs weapons of mass migration by Green Left
How the US creates Cuban 'refugees' by Green Left 1994
US Terrorism Against Cuba
What Do You Know About Cuban Immigration a short quiz

Healthcare (national & international)
Chernobyl victims heal in Cuba 2005
Cuba has Lowest Rate of AIDS in the Continent 2003
Cuba: Medical school for poor students from poor countries
Cuba Health Care News
Cuba's Response to AIDS
The Cuba AIDS Progect
To the World Health Organization

Castro broadens youth-led anti-corruption drive Reuters 2005
Corruption Rampant in Cuba Cuba Net 2002
Cuba aid money 'wasted' by exiles BBC 2006
Cuba Democracy Groups Facing Audits After Reports of Fraud Washington Post 2008
Cuba's anti-corruption ministry BBC 2001

Human Rights
Cuba: Defender of Human Rights

Women's Liberation
Gender equity in Cuban education
Gender Stats
Women In National Parliaments

Cuba and Queers
Fidel Castro on Homosexuality
Gay Rights in Cuba

Other Achievements and Struggles
Green Revolution in Cuba and Venezeula
Happy Planet Index warning Wikipedia
Learning From Cuba Frontline 1998
Socialism is Built by the People and For the People
The Cuban vs. the Eagle

Old S-E Threads on Cuba
3 Million Learn to Read with the "I can do it" Method
45th Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs Invasion
Bush's Plan for Cuba
Capitalism has no interest in Abolishing Ignorance
Cuba Elected to Human Rights Council
Cuba Exposes US Radio-TV Aggression
Cuba, Life Isn't Easy - but Life Isn't Bad
Cuba: Socialist or Revisionist
Cuban Electoral System
Energy Revolution Completes It's First Year
Energy Revolution in Cuba
Explosives Seized at Home of Posada's Attorney
Fighting AIDS
Forbes I
Forbes II
Granma doesn’t need any Yankee transition plan
How Socialism Has Shaped Cuba
In Defense of Cuba's Socialist Revolution
Fact's About Cuba's Access to Internet
Man Who Is Part of Alpah 66 Arrested
Reward Offered for Raul Castro Indictment
Raúl leads event commemorating the Battle of Ideas
Raúl urges university students to develop debate, analysis
The Brain Drain
US Blockade Affect's Internet Use
US Ignores Nationalism in Cuba
Why Cuban's Support Socialism

Cuba News
Grama voice of the Communist Party

Broad Cuba Fact Sites
Cuba in Brief
Cuba: Issues and Answers
Cuba Solidarity
Cuba Solidarity Campagin (UK)
Cuba Solidarity (personal favourite[/url]
Data on Cuba
History of the Cuban Republic by Marxist Internet Archive
Cuba Vive
Selected Writings and Speeches

And much more to come.
Post 16 Aug 2008, 15:09
This is very good. I'll keep it stickied until someone tells me it's a bad idea and if I think of anything to add I'll bring it up.
Post 16 Aug 2008, 16:32
I also approve of this thread. I think it would be a good idea to create threads similar to this for the other States. It would be a big project, but one I would gladly participate in
Post 18 Aug 2008, 02:32
There's a typo in the 'Cuba in Brief' link.
Post 30 Nov 2008, 23:18
Here's another good general information site:

The Cuba Truth Project
Post 07 Feb 2009, 17:49
Another cuban's medias in english

Granma news

Prensa Latina agency

Radio Rebelde

Radio Habana Cuba

Ahora news

Cuban news agency

Reflections by comrade Fidel in many languages, english include.

Speechs of Fidel, many are translate in english since 1998.
Post 22 Jul 2009, 01:04
Can you fix the many broken links in the OP?
Post 22 Jul 2009, 23:16
Great links; I'll be sure to read them all.
Post 19 Aug 2009, 14:13
Juventud Rebelde in english.
Post 28 Aug 2009, 23:59
Castro's 1994 interview to Cigar Aficionado magazine about cigars as well as politics.
Post 02 Nov 2009, 21:03
RR's Reading List
(by no means comprehensive, but these are the books I've read and would recommend)

Capitalism, God, and a Good Cigar: Cuba Enters the Twenty-First Century edited by Lydia Chávez with photographs by Mimi Chakarova
Castro and Cuba from the Revolution to the Present by Angelo Trento (2005)
Che a memoir by Fidel Castro
Cuba a New History by Richard Gott (2004)
Cuban Revolution Reader edited by Julio García Luis
Death of a Revolutionary: Che Guevara’s Last Mission by Richard L. Harris
Fidel Castro: My Life by Fidel Castro & Ignacio Ramonet
Havana Red by Leonardo Padura
Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War by Ernesto Che Guevara
The Che handbook by Hilda Barrio & Gareth Jenkins
The History of Cuba by Clifford L. Staten (2003)
The Motorcycle Diaries by Ernesto Che Guevara
The Problem of Democracy in Cuba: Between Vision & Reality by Carollee Bengelsdorf (1994)
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