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The DPRK as a (non)-Marxist-Leninist State.

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Post 07 Mar 2018, 00:58
The serious question about the DPRK is, is it a Marxist-Leninist State? I would say no. Back in 1972, they rewrote their constitution and eliminated all references to Marxism-Leninism. Their philosophy of self-reliance, called Juche, seems to put them in the category of committing Stalin's error of socialism in one country. I mean, according to Marx, Socialism had to be planned for the whole world. That doesn't mean it would necessarily be successful all at once, but the attempt had to be made. Stalin, in my opinion, made the error of coming up with socialism in one country. This error was followed by Kim il-sung, and his child, and his child. They are still at it over there. It was a similar mistake that was made by Albania, and somewhat by Yugoslavia, and somewhat even by the People's Republic of China. But I think North Korea made the worst mistakes on that subject. And it is suffering from it now.
Post 07 Mar 2018, 01:00
I think they did this because they were considered to be an independent communist state not attached to USSR either to China. So as a result of this "Independence" they formed their own ideology "Juche". Personally i consider DRPK a marxist state
Post 07 Mar 2018, 02:25
That may in fact be the reason they rewrote the constitution. Neverthless, the fact that they try to be autarkic, even when their population is starving, and they depend on food from other nations just for sheer survival, gives the lie to any real Marxism.

And then you of course have to add in the personality cult of the three leaders. It has been taken to such an extreme degree that it would have probably embarrassed even Mao. The start of the personality cult, particularly with Stalin, and taken to greater heights by Chairman Mao, and then to just complete insanity by the Kims, is directly contrary to Marx, who absolutely opposed personality cults. Even what Lenin tolerated would have disturbed Marx. And Lenin actually had half a legitimate reason to have statues built for him.

In reality, what Kim Il-sung and his descendants have created is an absolute monarchy. This goes entirely against anything that Marx would have understood. The fact that the monarchy is colored red, and uses Socialist tropes, should not fool anybody.
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