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Hope Trump leaves DPRK the hell alone

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Post 23 Apr 2017, 18:12
I've been growing fascinated with North Korea lately, watching old movies, listening to classic and new North Korean pop music, and realizing more and more that in mass culture terms anyway, weird generational personality cult aside, they are very similar to the late Soviet Russian style. Yet all we ever see on news reports is missiles driving down the central ave in Pyongyang. If Americans could see even five minutes of something like this, they could sneer or think up some clever insult, but at least they would realize just a little that there is life somewhere out there that doesn't match their preconceived notions.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really hope China and Russia don't betray the North Koreans for the sake of some 'beautiful cake', and that the hawks in the deep state in Washington don't push Trump to move beyond his tough guy rhetoric.

The most ironic thing here is that North Korea isn't exporting its ideology anywhere, by force or otherwise. They're literally perhaps the most closed up country in the world; god damnit USA, if you want to bomb someone, go bomb the fragging shit out of the Saudis and Qataris, who are literally exporting their fascistic, backwards ideology worldwide.
Post 23 Apr 2017, 19:08
I think they're basically a nuisance and stuff like this really doesn't get them sympathetic treatment from anybody.

On the other hand, rumor on Telegram is, the North Koreans hired a PR agency in Russia to promote their image, and those guys have been working with news writers directly to push through pro-Kim articles at a hot 50,000 rubles a pop. I kinda wish there was a way for me to get in on that Kim Jong-cash.
Post 24 Apr 2017, 23:52
Hey! I can write for them in spanish for 50.000 rub too!

Although, stuff like that video has been seen with a smile on many faces. None approves, of course. But the grin is there.

Anyway, I think it's all just a bluff. The poor attack on Siria, the MOAB to the middle of some desert caves and threatening with a fleet travelling the other way. To me it seems Trump is just trying to look tough for his own people. And damaging his image abroad. The question is, is he playing or getting played?
Post 25 Apr 2017, 13:41
I agree with Che. Trump has record low ratings for his first few months in office, and that certainly doesn't sit well with that inferiority complex of his.

Besides, all those pussies in the Pentagon don't have the balls to attack an army of more than a million standing. They only know how to attack helpless third world people.

Let them give some of those Korean itchy trigger fingers a reason to let loose and see what happens.

I however do agree with Kirov to an extent. I'm sure that there are a lot of pig-headed Jucheists out there unwilling to make the slightest concessions even if that would benefit everyone involved. Their sour relations with the Chinese bears testament to my sentiment.
Post 26 Jun 2017, 15:24
I think North Korea is very different to the Soviet Union, although I have no experience of either country. I do not think there was an atmosphere of total fear in the USSR, as there is in North Korea.
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