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DPRK allows citizens to own private property

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Post 25 Feb 2016, 01:23
DPRK constitution states:

Private property is confirmed to property meeting the simple and individual aims of the citizen.

Private property consists of socialist distributions of the result of labor and additional benefits of the State and society.

The products of individual sideline activities including those from the kitchen gardens of cooperative farmers and income from other legal economic activities shall also belong to private property.

The State shall protect private property and guarantee its legal inheritance.

(These means that laws on obligations and contracts, succession and inheritance, property, easements, sales remain valid)
Post 25 Feb 2016, 05:33
Any link or sources?
Post 25 Feb 2016, 15:57

Article 21 of the DPRK constitution.

I clarified it to enlighten pro-capitalists who were made to believe that you cannot own property under communism. You can. You can also sell your property or else it will encourage black marketeering.
Post 07 Mar 2016, 10:08
In the USSR it was called "personal property". Whether the author of this "unofficial translation" knew the difference in Korean between "personal" and "private", I cannot tell.
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