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Will the Korean war escalate into more than a Cold War?

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Post 19 May 2014, 18:42
My understanding is the war never ended. I wonder when NK will stop making threats and put their money where their mouth is.
Post 20 May 2014, 02:56
Why would they do that? North Korea needs the threat of violence but absolutely would do anything to avoid war.
Post 20 May 2014, 22:07
What good do they do themselves when they say they vow to do something and remain unfaithful to their vows? It sounds like they are at least shooting themselves in the foot.
Post 21 May 2014, 00:14
They have to bluster so that people think they're strong, but they're so weak that a real war would be disastrous for North Korea.
Post 21 May 2014, 14:25
Yes it would be a crying shame if the light of Juche was extinguished ...I mean tears of joy. I mean where would they Stalinists emigrate to? Not that they live there anyway, wisely they support the regime for countries were you get 3 meals a day.
I don’t want war either and hope that the Korean people find a way to topple the KWP and the hereditary rule of that evil regime.
If there is war you can be it will be the fault of the comrades?
But I have heard that there was an assassination attempt on baby Kim sometimes last year but you never can tell with the news blackout there.
But after over 60 years of socialism the regime is still weak? How so, of wait, don’t tell me, it’s all the fault of the capitalist, imperialist West!
Post 25 May 2014, 18:00
The last thing the DPRK or ROK want is war. War would mean the complete destruction of both states and all they have achieved. All their infrastructure would be destroyed and their economies shattered. Neither Pyongyang or Seoul will ever allow it to happen.
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