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North Korea

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Post 08 May 2014, 20:31
May I ask your opinion about the North Korean Government if you have one? I really know nothing about it. THanks!
Sorry if I started another thread like this. If I did, I can't find it anywhere.
Post 08 May 2014, 21:32
There is a whole forum about the DPRK. I'm sure you could get quite a bit of information there.

tl;dr: North Korea sucks and is more nationalist than most of us are comfortable with. That said their government is the only extant barrier between the people of Korea and extremely brutal imperialist privatization.
Post 19 May 2014, 07:07
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), more commonly known as North Korea.
I really, really, really disagree about their policy Internet censorship.
Beyond that, they are one of the last remaining Socialist Republics in the world. Contrary to anti-DRPK propaganda Juche is a creative of Marxism-Leninism principals. It arrises from the unique historical situation the DRPK has been through. While there are legitimat criticisms to be made of the DPRK government and their practices it is by no means this psychotic dictatorship it is portrayed in by the Western Media. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is in my opinion, just that, a Democratic Republic.

This is somewhat outdated now as it's the results from the elections in 2009 not the most recent ones in 2014.

The Workers Party of Korea
606 Seats

The Korean Social Democratic Party
50 Seats

Chondoist Chongu Party
A religious party advocating the Chondogyo religion (North Korea's second largest Religion).
22 Seats

The General Association of Korean Residents in Japan
6 Seats

3 Seats

I don't know what the election results where of the 2014 Elections but I do know that the Korean Worker Pary's number of seats dropped from 606 to 601. As for the assertion that North Korea is some unofficial monarchy where the leader's son always makes it in power. It's a complete joke. Kim Jong Un had to be elected by the Worker's Party of Korea to reach his position in the party and voted in by the people of the DPRK. The Nehru–Gandhi family has ruled Inda for 60 years and I don't see people saying that India isn't a democracy.

That said, North Korea is a very, very, very poor country. It's economy was larger than that of South Korea untill it began stagnating begining in the late 1970s. After peaking at alittle less than $3000/capita it then didn't grow atall before the collaspe of it's biggest trading partner (the USSR) and all other socialist countries collasped. This came at the same time as a severe famine caused by flooding both of which combined managed to drop the North Korean economy to half of what it was. Being one of the last Socialist countries it recognised it was at it's weakest point and it was vulnerable to be invaded. As a result of this the Songun policy of "Military First" grew out of the neccesity of not being invaded. This buildup of the military prevented the economy from recovering although for the past 15 years it has been growing at a steady rate of 1.5%. With the invention of Nuclear Weapons the Songun policy has largley been abandoned with a refocusing of effort on the economy. Military officials who tried maintain the idea for currupt reasons have been purged or even executed. Today the GDP per capita of the DPRK is just $1,800 and while people are not starving or malnourished, they are certainly suffering economically from Capitalist Imperialism with much of the country in poverty.

I'm not a Maoist, but I would reccomend two Jason Unruhe videos. (A very interesting analyisis of the current political situtation and the recent Purge) (A somewhat longer and more boreing but definetly more detailed Marxist analysis of it's historical context with constructive criticisms at the end).
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