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Is Libya the New Enemy for DPRK?

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Post 09 Mar 2014, 06:41
Of all the enemies DPRK has made over the years, here's a new potential new one that probably no one was expecting: Libya.

Yahoo News wrote:
Libya threatened to bomb a North Korean-flagged tanker at an oil terminal held by militants in the restive east, saying it was being loaded illegally.

Separatists blockading Al-Sidra facility attempted to load crude aboard the Morning Glory in the latest challenge to central government control.

"The attorney general has given the order for the ship to be stopped," Prime Minister Ali Zeidan told a news conference.

"All parties must respect Libyan sovereignty. If the ship does not comply, it will be bombed," he said.
Post 09 Mar 2014, 18:48
Peace among Middle East and Asian nations. I exhort His Excellency Kim Jong Eun and His Excellencey President of Libya to settle their differences amicably. It would not only be a dirty sight if bombs explode between them. It would also establish another ugly precedent from which nobody can benefit. There are international laws.
Post 12 Mar 2014, 00:28
Don't you mean Puppet of Libya?
Post 12 Mar 2014, 03:56
omnimercurial wrote:
Don't you mean Puppet of Libya?

You should read the article. In Gadhafi's absence, the place is on the verge of splitting up into the three smaller caliphates it was originally composed of. It's one of the breakaway groups that the "official" Libyan president is angry at, and the fact that the "splitters" are selling to DPRK doesn't help things.
Post 12 Mar 2014, 07:50
omnimercurial wrote:
Don't you mean Puppet of Libya?

It's basically a slightly shittier version of Ukraine right now, except with Islamists instead of fascists and nicer weather.
Post 13 Mar 2014, 02:45
Any chance of a link?
Post 13 Mar 2014, 06:04
omnimercurial wrote:
Any chance of a link?

The link to the Yahoo News article is in my original post. Click on the word "Libya".
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