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DPRK resources thread

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Post 02 Oct 2010, 02:52
(Please forgive this disorganised look of this, it is very much a Work in Progress)

This is a thread for people looking for good alternative resources on the DPRK. Almost all of this is Oblisk's work, but I've added a few links.

Kim Jong Il: Day of Having Korea Reunified:

North Korea: The Struggle Against American Power
You can easily find a PDF version of this online.

Bruce Cuming's North Korea

Korea: Division, Reunification, & U.S. Foreign Policy

Socialist Korea: A Case Study in the Strategy of Economic Development.
This can be bought on abebooks for cheap.

Selig S. Harrison's books/articles are also excellent.

All of these books go greatly in-depth on the DPRK economy. Feel free to ask me about any other books.

Online reading material:

This is an excellent introductory overview book on the DPRK. It was published in North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and America:
Kim Jong Il: Day of Having Korea Reunified:
I would start reading this as soon as possible.

Another one is: Socialist Korea: A Case Study in the Strategy of Economic Development.

There are many books written in the DPRK that is for sale online, and many are re-published in North America.

I have read Cuming's "North Korea" and Hart-Landsberg's book. They are excellent, but they are not "pro-DPRK" since they retain some of the lies. If you liked their books, I suggest "North Korea: On the Brink". Again, hardly "pro", but it is a lot better than the usual journalistic hilarity out there.

I will soon make another list of books available.

Here are some "pro" DPRK links: (DPRK's official homepage) (Excellent overview info) (DPRK's second homepage) (English) (Official page of the Korean Friendship Association) (Korea News agency) (another news site) (Juche introduction) (eBooks from the DPRK) (Study of the Juche Idea) (Sadly down now) (Another news site) (News site) (Anti Imperialist National Democratic Front) ... a&aid=3818 (Understanding North Korea)

(There are many others, but not in English)

Here are some separate article links: ... eanWar.htm ... 13557.html ... korea.html Rare Look at North Korea an award winning article on North Korea from National Geographic NORTH KOREA: THE GRAND DECEPTION REVEALED ... korea.html ... 320379.php ... 05241.html ... 080502.htm ... ong_il.htm ... UNGISM.htm ... /0511.html ... an-famine/ ... 00055.html ... l/me-13340 ... eated.html ... html#sect2 ... uggle.html ... 0&num=4212

As for printed material, I suggest Bruce Cumings' "North Korea" as a good introduction, although it cannot be considered "pro-DPRK". Cumings still carry the notion that the DPRK is a dictatorship. But does a good job analyzing the economy.

I also suggest Selig S. Harrison's books/articles & Martin Hart-Landsberg's "Korea: Division, Reunification"

Some other authors:
Korea the Unknown War - Jon Halliday and Bruce Cumings [A large pictorial book]

North Korea aka North Korea Another Country - Bruce Cumings [An excellent book, although a small bit of "anti-DPRK" material exists(As with all Cumings books), I would recommend this book for general history, and modern affairs of the DPRK.]

Korea's Place in the Sun - Bruce Cumings

Inventing the Axis of Evil - A section by Bruce Cumings [Similar to Cumings’ Another Country.]

Headline Series - Divided Korea: United Future- Bruce Cumgings

Headline Series - The Two Koreas On the Road to Reunification - Bruce Cumings

Rogue State - William Blum [Describes the tactics used by the Americans in the Korean War]

Killing Hope - William Blum [The author argues that the Americans started the Korean War]

Without Parallel - Frank Baldwin [An excellent collection of essays and books about the DPRK]

Korea Division, Reunification, and US Foreign Policy - Martin Hart-Landsberg [Another very good insight book, describes the history and events leading up to the War, DPRK, ROK, US Foreign policy, etc. There is of course, slight anti-DPRK bias.]

The Hidden History of the Korea War - IF Stone [IF Stone argues that the Americans started the Korean War in his book.

The Pueblo Incident - Mitchelle B Lerner [A book describing the Pueblo Incident, argues the failures of American Foreign Policy]

Comrades and Strangers - Micheal Harrold [A story about an outsider who lived and worked in the DPRK for many years. This is his story. He is quite sympathetic to the DPRK.]

Facts Tell Secret documents seized by North Korea From the South Korea Government Archives [Another excellent book, I believe it needs more coverage. It contains many documents and letters seized by the DPRK that prove that the Americans and the ROK were the agitators in starting the Korean War.]

Zaruka (Who is a member here) is a fairly frequent traveller to the DPRK and paints a neutral picture of North Korea

His Flickr account.
11 days in the DPRK


People & Power: North Korea (Al-Jazeera)

If anybody has any other suggestion, please post them here or PM me. Also, PM me if any of the links do not work.
Post 29 Nov 2010, 08:03
The "Socialism and Liberation" link is dead but the article can be found here: ... _ctrl=1222

Also these as well, ... korea.html (Some great articles about the healthcare system of Democratic Korea, the current situation, etc)
Post 12 Mar 2014, 21:42
I uploaded this comic strip for you:

Pyongyang - A Journey in North Korea.pdf 101.8 MB!wRpiBCzY!Oza2tlP3u-VzwmTmR9SZfgfXvf1Tojafydtm7SMYhu4
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