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Letter to Hillary about the Accident of PCC-772 (Cheonan)

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Post 25 Jun 2010, 11:29
Letter to Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of state
There was no Explosion. There was No Torpedo.


(A member of the investigation team from South Korea came to a different conclusion. Mr. Shin studied the evidence and concluded that North Korea did not sink the Cheonan. He wrote a polite letter to Hilary Clinton telling her of this, and now he is under investigation. He also claims he looked at the “No. 1? writing on the evidence and concluded it was written ON TOP of the rust, meaning that it was written by someone AFTER it was taken from the water. I included his evidence in my last article on the sinking of the Cheonan. In South Korea, if you disagree with the official story… you get investigated and possibly arrested.)

He is now being sued by the south Korean government.

This is the letter and his evidence presented:

There is also a PDF file HERE: ... _State.pdf

The full report(pictures omitted):

* To : Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State

* From : S.C.Shin

* Date : May 26, 2010

Title : Opinion about Accident of PCC-772

Dear Hillary Clinton U.S. Secretary of State,

Welcome to Korea and I hope you could have a good chance to discuss the Peace in East Asia including Korean Peninsula.

I am S.C. Shin, a civil investigator recommended by Korean National Assembly for the sinking of Cheonan and I'm writing this letter to let you know the truth exactly here in Korea.

I have graduated Korea Maritime University in 1982, served 2 years in Navy as a sailing & gunnery officer, worked for Hanjin Shipping on a containership regular line between Far East & West coast of U.S as a navigator for several years and experienced shipbuilding inspect affair for 7 years in Major Shipyards in Korea such as Hyundai, Samsung, Daewoo and Hanjin Heavy Industry.

I have built 3 bulk carriers of 136,000 tons and 10 container ships of 2,000~4,000 teu in charge of hull structure, shipping machinery and outfittings, paint and nautical equipments including navigation system.

Unbelievable conclusion and posture of the Administration

I didn't agree with the conclusion of the Korean military administration and now sued for libel by them.

Can you imagine this situaton? I was the only person stood on the opposite position. That's the only reason I am sued. I cannot understand how this happens in a democratic country in the world.

So I want to talk to you about my oppinion and I think this might be a meaningful information to lead you to the truth of the unfortunate accident in Korea.

As you know, this is so much important problem for the peace of Korean Peninsula devoting to the world's peace that you and your country eagerly pursue to complete.

The Military Administration made a conclusion that Cheonan had torn in two and sunken by the 'Explosion of Torpedo'.

But my oppinion is quite different from it because I could not find even a slight sign of 'Explosion' but could find so many evidences of grounding in/out of the vessel.

I want to ask you fully understood that a tiny voice for the truth may prevent unexpected disaster and assure the safety of 70 million people in Korean Peninsula.

Well, I'm going to tell you about the circumstances which Baengnyeong-do is located in and especially about the geometric background with natural environment, critical for vessels sailing this area.

1. Where is Baengnyeong-do located ? ... 650889.jpg

Baengnyeong Island is a South Korean island in the Yellow Sea(West Sea), off the Ongjin peninsula in North Korea. It lies less than 10 miles from the North Korean coast, and is over 100 miles from the mainland of South Korea.

2. Sky view of Baengnyeong-do & Daecheong-do ... 652934.jpg

The scenery from the sky is very pretty and calm while the underwater condition is extremely terrible.

3. Shallow water, Rock fields and Strong tidal current ... 654013.jpg

The Red marking shows Grounded Position marked on Operation Status map which Naval Fleet 2 explained to the victim's family the next day of accident, Torn-down Positon, Rescue Position and Aft & Fore Position.

4. Too much narrow and dangerous Fair way

Shallow water and Rock fields between Baengnyeong & Daecheong islands seriously disturb safe navigation from east to west, via versa.

Any vessel coming out of the Narrow Strait has no choice but to keep her course steady due to shallow water both right and left.

Vessels can easily face dangerous situations in this kind of unique area and fallen in the status of 'Running aground' or 'Collision'. ... 654606.jpg

Regardless of the Cheonan Accident, this area must be studied and pertinent policy to be needed to prevent disasters.

5. Geological features

Daedong River of North Korea has good sands, diatomite soil and silica are raw materials of Glass that accumulates.

The river carries them to the sea and strong tidal currents carry them down to the Baengnyeong area and make a lot of Sand hills along the sea shore, making the area harder to travel. ... 659182.jpg

6. What happened on the day of Mar. 26, 2010 ?

The first call from 772 to Headquarter was "Grounded !"
The first call from HQ to Korea Coast Guard was "Grounded !"
The first report to the Administration was "Grounded !" ... 664029.jpg

7. Confusion - The exact time of 1st accident

The adminstration on National Defence first announced that the accident broke out at 21:45 but they changed everyday until KIGAM(Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources) reports the very time of Earthquake-wave. ... 667044.jpg

8. Found an Operation map that indicates 'First Grounding'

Naval administration and the survivals gave a briefing to the families of victims on Mar. 27th - the next day of accident, showing a mark of the exact position of grounding on operation map on which the time of tidal current and the depth of water commented on the top-left corner. ... 668622.jpg ... 844407.jpg

The naval adminstration says "The map is ours but a family of a victim took it up and wrote memo there."

But another family of a victim declared that the admistration had a explanation about the accident with the map and obiously told about "First Grounding" on an interview with Korea Broadcasting System(KBS) for the current program titled 'Trace 60 Minute.' ( Below : A family of a victim says "I heard that navy explained about 'first grounding' with that map." )

And recently we found a film that shows Navy explains the situation to the families of victims with that map, as below. ... 844785.jpg

9. The evidences of 'Grounding'

(1) Serious Scratches of lower part of side hull ... 671192.jpg

(2) Damage of Bilge Keel and Penetration nearby ... 671348.jpg

(3) Denting damage of 5-Screw blades of starboard side.

The damage of denting forward proves the vessel have experienced 'Full Astern Engine' while grounded on sand hill or mud to get out of the terrible situation. ... 782317.jpg

(4) Compare the conditions of lower side plate between PCC-772 and PKM-357 which stayed in water for 53 days after sunken in Yellow Sea, in the 2nd battle at Yeonpyeong broken out in June, 2002. (She is now resting in the yard of Korean Navy Fleat 2 where you are staying now.) ... 785913.jpg

10. Cases of 'Grounding' for reference

Kim Tae-Young, the minister of National Defence said "There was no 'Grounding' as we can see the Sonar dome not damaged."

But, as you know, it is really out of common sense just like as to say a ball player who is just sliding in home, "You are 'Out !' because your left knee is found clean." How ridiculous !

The length of 722 is 88m's long and 10m's wide. The Sonar dome is only 90cm's long and 30cm's wide. There's no relation between the vessel's grounding and the damage of sonar dome at all.

When a vessel grounds the Sonar dome may be damaged, but 'no damage on Sonar dome' doesn't guarantee 'no grounding', as you can see below that shows the clean bottom of fore part. ... 671132.jpg ... 671405.jpg

11. The Mid Report of Administration - April 25

* No penetration
* No burn damage
* No heat
* No splinters
* Cable covers are not damaged
* Oil tank and dump area not damaged at all

That's it. That is enough to declare "There was no explosion ! "
But their conclusion was 'Non-contact in-water Torpedo' !

Unbelievable. Torpedo exploded 3m's beneath 772 and there was no damage but there's only 'Cutting Down' the steel !

12. If Torpedo exploded ;

* How are the bodies of victim who were found near the cutting area so clean while a big explosion broke out that is enough to tear down the vessel in two ?
* How could the bottom of the hull has no penetrations by splinter at all ? The splinters from the torpedo
* How could the vinyl covers of cable have no damage ?
* Why couldn't we find even a dead fish in that area while a great explosion had broken out ?
* Why nobody got otolaryngologic desease at all ? Even no nose-bleeding.

13. What is the 2nd accident that caused the serious damage after getting out of 'Grounding' ?

(1) Rock crash (2) Explosion (3) Fatigue Fracture (4) Collision

Anything else? Those might be enough ..

(1) There was no rocks in that area torn down. - Rock Excluded !
(2) Couldn't find a slight sign of explosion - Explosion Excluded !
(3) The crack started from the bottom - Fatigue Fx. Excluded !

The rest one is ' Case (4) - It's Collision '.

That's why I get to the conclusion - The 1st accident is 'Grounding' and the 2nd one is 'Collision' - with every knowledge, experience and analysis.

14. Collision with what ?

(1) Might be a military vessel. - The rule of military government prohibits fishing at night and required to be back before 1 hour earlier the time of sun-set in that area.
(2) Maybe, of course, one of 'Above-water vessel' or 'Under-water vessel'
(3) Who knows? Only God knows?

15. Brief of my opinion

(1) The most important thing is there were two series of accidents not one.
(2) The 1st accident was 'Grounding' with the evidences above.
(3) The 'Grounding on a sand' made some damages and led flooding but itself didn't make those serious situation torn down in two.
(4) The 2nd accident hit a count-blow to sink.
(5) I couldn't find even a slight sign of 'Explosion'.
(6) The 2nd accident was 'Collision' with my analysis above.

Dear Secretary of State,

This is my conclusion with deep analysis and I believe my opinion is very close to the truth.

Have you known that all? Then please consider again about the tension in Korean Peninsula.

If you didn't know that, please ask you staff - "Bring me another report that contains the 'Truth' ! "

This is not just an accident of a country in East Asia, but now it has grown up to most sensitive topic throughout the world.

Mr. President of United States, Obama said on his address " On the issues that have come up that a commander in chief is going to make decisions on, I have shown the judgment to lead. that is the leadership that I want to show when I'm president of the United States."

Now is the time, I think, my hero Obama shows us his leadership, truth, faith and justice to solve the puzzled problem for the peace in Korean Peninsula.

We want to check it again precisely and scientifically according in the way of common sense and with perfect evidences. That's all.

That would be the righteous way to approach this matter and that will help to strengthen the relationship between Korea and Unitied States.

To tell the truth with you, I am very worry about that so many people in Korea are anxious about 'How Unite State accept this conclusion so simply - Torpedo Explosion' without any doubt.

I say with all my heart, there was no explosion. So there was no Torpedo, either. I could find only mechanical damages with a lot of grounding evidences.

As they sued me, I am going to establish the cause of the accident in court with every evidence that I found. Would you please pray for me to get good result?

Thank you for your time and I'll be very grateful if I can recieve your ideas for this matter, if possible.


S. C. Shin
Post 25 Jun 2010, 13:18
Thanks for the information, dispite my dislike to BEST KOREA I would much rather clear cut evidence presented and this frankly has been the most indepth ive seen to date....
The Mid Report of Administration - April 25

I remember BAD Korea reporting that they initially did not believe it to be a BEST Korea attack then changing the story up later down the road...

At anyrate thanks for the sticky, I WILL be re-evaluating my position on the matter Oblisk.
Post 25 Jun 2010, 17:30
Do we need a separate thread for each, when they all address the same issue, though? I'll try to have a look at all of them when I get some time off. Thanks for the links.

I do agree that the evidence seems kind of shaky. The inconsistencies remind me of the Maine sinking.
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