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Books on the GDR in PDF

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Post 31 Jul 2017, 02:39
It is difficult to get English language books that describe the GDR in a sympathetic light. Below are a number of scanned PDF's which describe the struggles and succsesses of the GDR.

1) "The Triumph of Evil: The Reality of the USA's Cold War Victory" Austin Murphy.
Perhaps the best, contemporary overview and assesment of the GDR, and rebuttal to the dominant narrative and caricature of the 'evil' 'East Germany'. ... f-evil.pdf

2) "From my Life" - Erick Honecker's Autobiography
Very rare and hard to get look at the political life of one of the last heads of State of the GDR.

3) "Encounters with Democracy: A US journalists view of the GDR" Margrit Pittman

"How do People live in the GDR:Living Standards and Way of Life under Socialism" ... 0/mode/2up

"Racism and Human Survival: Lessons of Nazi Germany for Today's World" Claude Lightfoot ... 1/mode/1up

"30 Years of the GDR" ... _PDF_5.pdf

"Behind the Scenes in Two Worlds" ... 1/mode/1up
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