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The funding of Solidarity.

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Post 09 Jun 2009, 02:43
I had been hunting exact figures on how much money the US government gave the reactionary Polish union Solidarity for awhile now. Grover Furr's article The AFT, the CIA, and Solidarnosc was a start, but it was written a long time ago and I knew the figures had to be much higher than cited by Furr.

I had mostly given up the search. While I had found some interesting stuff in Robert Gates' 1996 book From the Shadows (the current Secretary of Defense, ex-director of Central Intelligence under Bush, and long time CIA spook) on exactly what the US government did for Solidarity, I still had no monetary value to this aid.

Then I stumbled on a more exact figure while reading Keeran and Kenny's excellent book Socialism Betrayed: Behind the Collapse of the Soviet Union. They cite Peter Schweizer's Victory: The Reagan Administration's Secret Strategy That Hastened the Collapse of the Soviet Union page 76. The funding amounted to "at its peak" 8 million dollars a year. I will soon obtain a copy of this book, as the notes to this chapter are unavailable in the google book version, to see what source Schweizer cites, though he seems entirely credible, given a conservative shitbag who works at the Hoover Institute probably has the resources and connections to make such statements.

So the next time you run into some worthless radical praising Solidarity, just point out the fact that US government gave them $8 million dollars a year to keep their "union" alive long enough to install capitalism, as was actively funded by Washington as a weapon against communism from the start by the Reagan administration.
Post 17 Jun 2009, 03:26
It was also funded through the Vatican. I haven't got figuers to hand but should be easily found. CIA and Vatican are old friends of course.
Post 21 Dec 2009, 23:20
Of course,the "inside and outer" enemy caused the wide dissatisfaction of Polish people against their "communist" government.It wasn't the shortage of food and goods,oppressiveness of the state,low wages,etc...
USA always uses the opportunity to expand it's imperialist feelers,but why did they get the opportunity? Should we blaim the polish government for that?
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