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East German movies

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Post 19 Sep 2005, 14:06
I've found a website that sells old East German films (The Legend of Paul and Paula, The Rabbit Is Me etc) Could somone recommend any titles I should look out for? They all seem to be subtitled, which is good.

I would post the site, but I'm not too sure if thats allowed?!
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Post 19 Sep 2005, 14:17
I hope it is allowed. I dont know any good east-german movies, except for Teufelskreis. Wich is about the Reichstag burning (black and white film from the 50's)
Post 11 Oct 2005, 10:39
Though its an movie made after the fall, GoodBye Lenin is funny as hell, and above all very interesting. If you pay attention, you can see a lot of good stuff about the DDR. It's a german movie, wich was VERY succesfull in Europe.
Post 11 Oct 2005, 21:45
If you're prepared to watch some of the older classics, I've heard some very good things about 'The Singing, Ringing Tree': link.
Post 12 Oct 2005, 10:48
Heres the website - (it even has some films that were banned in the GDR)

Thanks for the suggestions
I already have Goodbye Lenin, but I agree it's a great film.

While staying on the subject of Goodbye Lenin, it looks like the women who played the mum is also in this East German film - ... 5f05d18de9

Sonja and Jens truly love each other. Their wedding and subsequent married life is heaven on earth in their eyes - especially because they already own a flat and a baby will soon complete their happiness. But then Sonja realizes that being a housewife and mother does not fulfill her. She misses her job and colleagues and would like to work again. Jens is entirely opposed to this idea. Having been deprived of a harmonious family life in his childhood, he now demands a harmonious married life from Sonja, but based on conventional notions of what that would be. She seems to submit to his demand, but then she takes the examination to gain higher status in her profession without his knowledge. Jens feels betrayed and becomes violent. He regrets his actions and wants to prove himself. He starts a training course, which he is unable to handle. Out of despair, he begins to drink. Sonja works secretly. Panic stricken, she has an abortion. When Jens learns about it, he loses his self-control completely. At this point, Sonja only feels hatred for him. When Jens drinks from a bottle in which Sonja knows that there is some caustic detergent, she does not stop him. But Jens survives. Sonja cannot deal with her guilt and soon she openly admits her guilt to Jens. Tragedy will help both of them to mature and make a new start.
Post 16 Feb 2006, 11:06
Yeah, Goodbye Lenin is awesome
Post 16 Jul 2006, 08:32
Does anybody know a US film about an american lad who messes with a girl who puts him into trouble in DDR? I only saw a small part of it but it was quite an anti-communist propaganda! Note that the main character was blonde (kind of) and when fleeing to west berlin went to eat and asked for "an american sandwich" and "american fries"!
Post 05 Jan 2007, 07:19
Yeah, Goodbye Lenin is awesome

Not a DDR film, it is capitalist propaganda.

I am a fan of DEFA's "Red Westerns" which are films that portray Indians as heroes against cowboys and European settlers. Apaches, Chingachgook and The Great Snake, and The Sons of Great Bear are all very entertaining and can be purchased online as a set called "Westerns With a Twist".
Post 05 Jan 2007, 17:26
Not a DDR film, it is capitalist propaganda.


My Eastern European politics tutor was saying how it's one of the only East German films that East Germans like. Or at least, the ones he spoke to.
Post 05 Jan 2007, 17:46
Not a DDR film, it is capitalist propaganda.

Have you ever seen it?
Post 07 Jan 2007, 20:22
Have you ever seen it?

Yes . I am watching it right now for the second time trying to see what is pro-DDR about it. I'm at the scene where a peaceful protest is crushed by nazi-like Stasi forces who intentionally break someone's leg and beat many, leaving a fainted woman on the street, whose son is beaten when he tries to save her - followed by a mass imprisonment.

Besides that it may not be overtly anti-Communist but all art is political and as a capitalist produced piece is an innately hostile film. It is mildly self-critical of capitalism but only of the plasticity of consumer culture - no mention of the exploitation that it is based on. Fuehrer-Ex is more pro-DDR than Goodbye Lenin as it portrays the DDR as an anti-Nazi state and its scriptwriter is antifascist ex-Nazi Ingo Hasselbach.
Post 08 Jan 2007, 12:07
I'm at the scene where a peaceful protest is crushed by nazi-like Stasi forces who intentionally break someone's leg and beat many, leaving a fainted woman on the street, whose son is beaten when he tries to save her - followed by a mass imprisonment.

The Stasi were hardly the Carebears were they? I've heard of many examples of such brutality. And it's not 'bourgeious propoganda', which is so easily labelled to anything (much the same way you calling me 'childlike' has conviently helped you not finish your debate with me in the past!).
Post 08 Jan 2007, 20:28
Maybe they are exaggerated, but stasi acts in this movie are based on historical facts.
Post 04 Dec 2007, 00:23

These are very good movies!!!

isn't capitalist propaganda. It is a good movie showing how life really was in DDR. It shows that it really wasnt that bad. It was quite good! (Better than in the rotten west, which had beggars and unemployed people)

Good things shown in Goodye Lenin:
+The family owns a "datscha" (A garden outside the city with a house), even though they are no business people
+There are many activities for children and pioneers
+Exchange Students from other socialist countries come to study in Germany (e.g. Lara from USSR)
+Demonstrants were not shot, and those arrested were not tortured either, just stayed in a cell overnight.
+Nice parade
+Friendly people in DDR

-Consumerism in the west
-Destruction of socialist monuments after the change
-Death of the mother when her motherland becomes capitalist (and she lived when it was socialist)
-Chaos after the change (harmony during socialism, except for the part with the demonstration)
-The sister quits her university education and starts to work in burger king because of capitalism, since they need the money desperately. (If there was socialism, she would finish the studies)
Post 04 Dec 2007, 01:07
isn't capitalist propaganda. It is a good movie showing how life really was in DDR. It shows that it really wasnt that bad. It was quite good! (Better than in the rotten west, which had beggars and unemployed people)

Yeah, I really thought that movie showed the east in a better light than the west. I really loved the piece at that end, I wish that would have happened in real life. I think I almost cried tears of joy when I saw it...I'm very emotional when it comes to socialism.
Post 06 Dec 2007, 18:04
I don't see Goodbye Lenin as capitalist propeganda at all...
It really goes against the normal western viewpoint that the west is better in every way and says that both systems had their good points and bad.
Post 09 Jul 2012, 20:16

I'm a big fan of East German DEFA films.

Here's my list of DEFA films, that I've managed to download from internet:

The Films of the German Democratic Republic on DVD:

Feature Films:

Die Mörder sind unter uns (The Murderers Are Among Us) - Wolfgang Staudte (10/1946)
Irgendwo in Berlin (Somewhere in Berlin) - Gerhard Lamprecht (12/1946)
Affaire Blum (The Blum Affair) - Erich Engel (12/1948)
Die Brücke (The Bridge) - Arthur Pohl (1/1949)
Rotation - Wolfgang Staudte (9/1949)
Der Rat der Götter (Council of the Gods) - Kurt Maetzig (5/1950)
Das kalte Herz (Heart of Stone) - Paul Verhoeven (12/1950)
Das Beil von Wandsbek (The Axe of Wandsbek) - Falk Harnack (5/1951)
Zugverkehr unregelmäßig (Train Service Irregular) - Erich Freund (7/1951)
Der Untertan (The Kaiser's Lackey) - Wolfgang Staudte (8/1951)
Frauenschicksale (Destinies of Women) - Slatan Dudow (6/1952)
Geheimakten Solvay (The Secret of Solvay) - Martin Hellberg (1/1953)
Die Unbesiegbaren (The Invincibles) - Arthur Pohl (3/1953)
Die Geschichte vom kleinen Muck (The Story of Little Mook) - Wolfgang Staudte (12/1953)
Ernst Thälmann - Sohn seiner Klasse - Kurt Maetzig (3/1954)
Ernst Thälmann - Führer seiner Klasse - Kurt Maetzig (10/1955)
Eine Berliner Romanze (A Berlin Romance) - Gerhard Klein (5/1956)
Der Hauptmann von Köln (The Captain from Cologne) - Slatan Dudow (12/1956)
Schlösser und Katen (Castles and Cottages) - Kurt Maetzig (2/1957)
Lissy - Konrad Wolf (5/1957)
Berlin - Ecke Schönhauser (Berlin - Schönhauser Corner) - Gerhard Klein (8/1957)
Vergeßt mir meine Traudel nicht (Don´t Forget My Little Traudel) - Kurt Maetzig (11/1957)
Das singende, klingende Bäumchen (The Singing Ringing Tree) - Francesco Stefani (12/1957)
Das Lied der Matrosen (The Sailor's Song) - Kurt Maetzig & Günter Reisch (11/1958)
Ware für Katalonien (Goods For Catalonia) - Richard Groschopp (3/1959)
Sterne (Stars) - Konrad Wolf (3/1959)
Das Feuerzeug (The Tinderbox) -Siegfried Hartmann (4/1959)
Der schweigende Stern (The Silent Star) - Kurt Maetzig (2/1960)
Fünf Patronenhülsen (Five Cartridges) - Frank Beyer (11/1960)
Der Fall Gleiwitz (The Gleiwitz Case) - Gerhard Klein (4/1961)
Königskinder (Star - Crossed Lovers) - Frank Beyer (5/1962)
Revue um Mitternacht (Midnight Revue) - Gottfried Kolditz (7/1962)
...und Deine Liebe auch (And Your Love Too) - Frank Vogel (8/1962)
Das zweite Gleis (The Second Track) - Joachim Kunert (10/1962)
Der Kinnhaken (The Punch to the Jaw) - Heinz Thiel (11/1962)
Beschreibung eines Sommers (It Happened One Summer) - Ralf Kirsten (1/1963)
Nackt unter Wölfen (Naked Among Wolves) - Frank Beyer (4/1963)
For Eyes Only - János Veiczi (7/1963)
Geheimarchiv an der Elbe - Kurt Jung-Alsen (12/1963)
Karbid und Sauerampfer (Carbide and Sorrel) - Frank Beyer (12/1963)
Preludio 11 (Prelude 11) - Kurt Maetzig (3/1964)
Geliebte weiße Maus (Beloved White Mouse) - Gottfried Kolditz (5/1964)
Die goldene Gans (The Golden Goose) - Siegfried Hartmann (9/1964)
Der geteilte Himmel (Divided Heaven) - Konrad Wolf (10/1964)
Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt (The Adventures of Werner Holt) - Joachim Kunert (2/1965)
Das Kaninchen bin ich (The Rabbit is Me) - Kurt Maetzig (10/1965)
Karla (Carla) - Herrmann Zschoche (1965)
Jahrgang '45 (Born in '45) - Jürgen Böttcher (1966)
Die Söhne der großen Bärin (The Sons of Great Bear) - Josef Mach (2/1966)
Spur der Steine (The Trace of Stones) - Frank Beyer (6/1966)
Hände hoch oder ich schieße - Hans-Joachim Kasprzik (1966)
Chingachgook, die grosse Schlange (Chingachgook The Great Snake) - Richard Groschopp (6/1967)
Ich war neunzehn (I was Nineteen) - Konrad Wolf (2/1968)
Heißer Sommer (Hot Summer) - Joachim Hasler (6/1968)
Unterwegs zu Lenin (On the way to Lenin) - Günter Reisch (4/1970)
Meine Stunde Null (My Zero Hour) - Joachim Hasler (4/1970)
Signale - Ein Weltraumabenteuer (Signals - An Adventure In Space) - Gottfried Kolditz (12/1970)
KLK an PTX - Die Rote Kapelle (KLK To PTX - The Red Band) - Horst E. Brandt (3/1971)
Goya - Konrad Wolf (7/1971)
Der Dritte (Her Third) - Egon Günther (3/1972)
Tecumseh - Hans Kratzert (7/1972)
Sonnensucher (Sun Seekers) - Konrad Wolf (9/1972)
Eolomea - Herrmann Zschoche (9/1972)
Die Legende von Paul und Paula (The Legend Of Paul And Paula) - Heiner Carow (3/1973)
Apachen (Apaches) - Gottfried Kolditz (6/1973)
Nicht schummeln, Liebling (No Cheating, Darling) - Joachim Hasler (6/1973)
Die Taube auf dem Dach (The Dove on the Roof) - Iris Gusner (1973)
Der nackte Mann auf dem Sportplatz (The Naked Man in the Stadium) - Konrad Wolf (4/1974)
Ulzana - Gottfried Kolditz (5/1974)
Jakob, der Lügner (Jacob the Liar) - Frank Beyer (4/1975)
Lotte in Weimar - Egon Günther (10/1975)
Im Staub der Sterne (In the Dust of the Stars) - Gottfried Kolditz (7/1976)
Mama, ich lebe (Mama, I'm Alive) - Konrad Wolf (2/1977)
Ursula - Egon Günther (1978)
Anton, der Zauberer (Anton the Magician) - Günter Reisch (9/1978)
Sieben Sommersprossen (Seven Freckles) - Herrmann Zschoche (10/1978)
Bis daß der Tod euch scheidet (Until Death Do Us Part) - Heiner Carow (5/1979)
Solo Sunny - Konrad Wolf (1/1980)
Dein unbekannter Bruder (Your Unknown Brother) - Ulrich Weiß (5/1982)
Das Fahrrad (The Bicycle) - Evelyn Schmidt (7/1982)
Sabine Kleist, 7 Jahre... (Sabine Kleist, Aged Seven...) - Helmut Dziuba (9/1982)
Der Aufenthalt (The Turning Point) - Frank Beyer (1/1983)
Insel der Schwäne (Island of Swans) - Herrmann Zschoche (4/1983)
Erscheinen Pflicht (Attendance Mandatory) -Helmut Dziuba (5/1984)
Isabel auf der Treppe (Isabel On The Stairs) - Hannelore Unterberg (9/1984)
Die Frau und der Fremde (The Woman and the Stranger) - Rainer Simon (1/1985)
Der Sieg (The Victory) - Jewgeni Matwejew (5/1985)
Das Schulgespenst (The School Ghost) - Rolf Losansky (2/1987)
Coming Out - Heiner Carow (11/1989)
Die Architekten (The Architects) - Peter Kahane (5/1990)
Letztes aus der DaDaeR (Latest from the DaDaeR) - Jörg Foth (10/1990)
Die Verfehlung (The Mistake) - Heiner Carow (3/1992)
Jana und Jan (Jana and Jan) - Helmut Dziuba (5/1992)
Die Tigerin (The Tigress) - Karin Howard (10/1992)
Herzsprung - Helke Misselwitz (11/1992)

Burning Life - Peter Welz (11/1994)
Red Cartoons: Animated Films from East Germany (1974 - 1990) - Various Directors (2010)


Einheit SPD - KPD (SPD - KPD Unity) - Kurt Maetzig (5/1946)
Das Lied der Ströme (Song of the Rivers) - Joris Ivens, Joop Huisken, Robert Ménégoz & Ruy Santos (9/1954)
Urlaub auf Sylt (Holiday on Sylt) - Andrew Thorndike & Annelie Thorndike (1957)
Die Kinder von Golzow DVD 1 - Winfried Junge (1961-1975)
Die Kinder von Golzow DVD 2 - Winfried Junge (1979-1986)
Die Kinder von Golzow DVD 3 - Winfried Junge (1980)
Die Kinder von Golzow DVD 4 - Winfried Junge (1980)
Schaut auf diese Stadt (Look at this City) - Karl Gass (8/1962)
Der Lachende Mann-Bekenntnisse eines Mörders (The laughing Man) - Walter Heynowski & Gerhard Scheumann (2/1966) (VCD)
DDR - Das sind wir - Various Directors (1967-1970)
Wer die Erde liebt (Those Who Love the Earth) - Joachim Hellwig (1973)
GDR - FRG 1 - 0 Football game World Cup 1974 (1974)
Slatan Dudow - Ein Filmessay über einen marxistischen Künstler (A Film About a Marxist Artist)- Volker Koepp (1/1975)
Palast der Republik-Haus des Volkes - Various Directors (1976) (VCD)
Salut, Roter Oktober - Various Directors (1977) (VCD)
Im Land der Adler und der Kreuze-Bilder aus der deutschen Geschichte - Joachim Hellwig (1980)
Wir in der DDR - Leben und Musik unserer Zeit - Various Directors (1982)
Leipzig im Herbst (Leipzig in the Fall) - Gerd Kroske & Andreas Voigt (1989)
Something to Do with the Wall - Ross McElwee & Marilyn Levine (1991)
Das war die DDR - Eine Geschichte des anderen Deutschlands (That Was the GDR: A History of the Other Germany)
- Various Directors (1993) (2 x DVD9)
Spur der Zeiten - Der Regisseur Frank Beyer - Ullrich Kasten & Ralf Schenk (1997)
Das Politbüro privat - Thomas Grimm (2004)
Mahlzeit DDR - Various Directors (2004)
Der Augenzeuge - Die 40er Jahre (The Eyewitness - The 40s) - Various Directors (1946-1949) (2004) (2 x DVD9)
Der Augenzeuge - Die 50er Jahre (The Eyewitness - The 50s) - Various Directors (1950-1959) (2004) (2 x DVD9)
Der Augenzeuge - Die 60er Jahre (The Eyewitness - The 60s) - Various Directors (1960-1969) (2004) (2 x DVD9)
Der Augenzeuge - Die 70er Jahre (The Eyewitness - The 70s) - Various Directors (1970-1980) (2004) (2 x DVD9)
Die grossen DEFA Dokumentarfilme Teil 1 - Various Directors (1952 & 1953) (2004)
Die grossen DEFA Dokumentarfilme Teil 2 - Various Directors (1946 & 1951) (2004)
Die grossen DEFA Dokumentarfilme Teil 3 - Various Directors (1962 & 1990) (2004)
Die grossen DEFA Dokumentarfilme Teil 4 - Various Directors (1950 & 1974) (2004)
Die grossen DEFA Dokumentarfilme Teil 5 - Various Directors (1946 & 1950) (2004)
Damals in der DDR – Die komplette Serie - Various Directors (2004-5) (3 x DVD9)
50 Jahre Trabant ...unvergessen! - Various Directors (2007)
Dean Reed - Der Rote Elvis (The Red Elvis) - Leopold Grün (2007)
DDR Landtechnik - Teil 5: Mähdrescher, Häcksler und Anbaugeräte - Various Directors (2011)
Ostrock - die größten Hits - Various Directors (2011)
Ost Berlin - Hauptstadt Der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik Teil 1 - Various Directors (2011)
Ost Berlin - Hauptstadt Der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik Teil 2 - Various Directors (2011)
Unser Erzebirge im Sozialismus (in der Idylle der 70er) - Various Directors (2012)
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