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My notes on Mao Zedong On Diplomacy

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Post 21 Mar 2019, 19:26
I got a copy of Mao Zedong On Diplomacy from Foreign Languages Press of the PRC published in 1998. Its the only officially published FLP book that covers Mao's post-1957 works. I'm not very interested in China's Cold War foreign relations and diplomacy. But Mao's discussions on the socialist bloc get into ML theory, and even with western leaders he dives into philosophy. Its too bad they left out the part where Mao and Kissinger debate Hegel.

Its the only FLP book of Mao's works that has never been HTMLized on MIA, so its all pretty new to me. But you can get a PDF version here ... /index.htm

I'll post notes on anything I find interesting ITT.

one interesting excerpt is that Mao personally commented on Howard Fast, author of Spartacus, leaving the CPUSA in 1957 calling him a shameful renegade

His talk with the Yugoslav Communists was very revealing, on his position on Tito and Stalin

and he debated the merits of Oliver Cromwell with General Bernard Montgomery
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