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Translation of the CPC publications of Mao's biography/works

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Post 13 Mar 2019, 16:16
These are the official CPC publications of Mao Zedong's biography and collected works. The biography was published in 2003. While his works cover the the 1962-1976 period. It was published from 1987 to 1998. As it reflects the views of the 80s and 90s CPC, the footnotes are highly critical of most of Mao's decisions for the most part.

While the biography is decently readable. I have to warn that Mao's works can border on postmodern surreal poetry at times, using google translate. Its hard enough for professional scholars to translate Mao's asides. In the "Secret Speeches" based on 80s CPC sources, there are very extensive inserted [brackets where the authors flesh out Mao's presumed references]. But I would still say its better than nothing as these works have been entirely unavailable in English until now.

Having extensively studied the EROL archive, one short article that stood out to me is Mao commenting on US Hammer and Steel Newsletter (May 28, 1964).

Commentary on an article in the US Hammer and Steel Newsletter [1]

(May 28, 1964)

Chen Boda [2] and comrades read this. This is a good article, in a simple language,

It clears up a big question.

Mao Zedong

May 28th

Printed according to the manuscript.


[1] This commentary was written on May 27, 1964, "Reference News"

A summary of the article "Call to defeat the United States' aggression against South Vietnam and exposing Khrushchev and the United States

Next to the two-faced approach of the leadership. This summary is taken from the US "Hammer and Steel Newsletter"

An article published in April 1964. The article said that the Khrushchev renegade group said they
sincerely asked the US troops to withdraw from South Vietnam, but they also praised President Johnson with love.

Good peace and reasonable. This two-faced policy helps to explain the revisionist surrender

Another example. The leadership of the Communist Party of the United States attached to Khrushchev's line. On the one hand Those who pretend to be sympathetic to aggression, on the other hand, praise the Johnson Administration.

[2] Chen Boda, then an alternate member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Central Political Research

Director of the office, secretary of Mao Zedong. ... .htm#hands
Post 13 Mar 2019, 19:06
On Mao's last days

During this time, Mao Zedong liked to miss the past, often talking about the war years and the early days of the founding of the country, and is willing to watch movies in this regard. Once, along with the high and majestic music on the screen, the entire People's Liberation Army team entered a newly conquered city and was warmly welcomed by the citizens. Gradually, Mao Zedong began to be unable to control his feelings. First, he was sobbing, and then he burst into tears. The staff had to help him out. Sometimes, he still has to look at some old photos. According to the staff's recollection, Mao Zedong looked at the two old photos with gusto: one was wearing a patched trousers to report to the cadres of the 120th Division in Yan'an (1942), and the other was his horse-riding march. On the way to Shaanxi North (1947).


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