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Xi Jinping's article: Dialectical materialism is the world

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Post 08 Jan 2019, 14:39
Xi Jinping's article: Dialectical materialism is the world outlook and methodology of Chinese Communists

Dialectical materialism is the world outlook and methodology of the Chinese Communists. Chairman Mao once said that Marxism has several disciplines, but the basic thing is Marxist philosophy. In the Revolutionary War, he wrote “Oppose Book Worship”, “On Practice” and “On Contradiction”. During the period of socialist construction, he wrote "On the 10 Major Relationships" and "On The Correct Handling of Contradictions among the People". He used dialectical materialism world outlook and methodology flexibly, formed Marxist philosophy with distinct Chinese characteristics, and set a glorious model for our party to obtain and apply "dialectical materialism".
Deng Xiaoping, the great leader, is very good at solving practical problems with dialectical materialism. He emphasized that we must seize the main contradictions in the primary stage of socialism and focus on economic construction as the center.

We must test our work with practice and adhere to the criterion of "Three-Favorableness ". We must adhere to the principle of "doing two jobs at once and attaching equal importance to each" and "crossing the river by feeling the stones". We must deal well with the relationship between planning and market, making the minorities rich first and then realizing common prosperity. Jiang Zemin pointed out that if there is no dialectical materialism and historical materialism in mind, it is impossible to understand complicated objective things and obtain the law of things' development with correct standpoint and scientific attitude. Hu Jintao also said, "The world outlook and methodology of dialectical materialism and historical materialism are the most fundamental theoretical characteristics of Marxism". We should learn to acquire Marxist philosophy and strive to improve our ability to explore and solve basic problems in the new era.

Today, in order to unite and lead the people to realize the goal of "two centuries" and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, our Party must constantly accept the nourishment of the wisdom of Marxist philosophy, more consciously adhere to and apply the dialectical materialist world outlook and methodology, and better obtain the relationship between phenomena and essence, forms and contents, causes and results, contingencies and necessities,possibility and reality, internal and external causes, commonality and individuality in practical work.

Strengthen the ability of dialectical thinking and strategic thinking, and make every work better.
At present, according to our country's actual and contemporary conditions, learning and applying dialectical materialist world outlook and methodology should pay attention to solving the following problems:

1:We should learn the principle that the world is unified in a matter and that matter determines consciousness. We should persist in formulating policies and promoting work from the objective reality. The principle of world material unity is the most basic and core viewpoint of dialectical materialism and the cornerstone of Marxist philosophy. Engels pointed out that "the real unity of the world depends on its materiality, which is not proved by the magician's three or two sentences, but by the long-term and sustained development of philosophy and natural science." Following this view, the most important thing is to insist that everything proceeds from objective reality, not from subjective wishes.
What is the greatest objective reality of contemporary China? That is, our country is still in and will remain in the primary stage of socialism for a long time. This is the objective basis for us to understand the present, plan the future, formulate policies and promote our cause. We must not break away from this basis, otherwise, we will make mistakes, even subversive ones. Many people are aware of this problem, but when they encounter specific problems, some people will not be clear about it. Often, subjectivism will emerge. Sometimes, they even feel dizzy and fantastic. Some people like to make decisions quickly, make guarantees quickly, do planning projects blindly, or put forward some unrealistic high targets, the result can only be a waste of manpower, waste money, lose more than getting. Why is there such a problem? Even repeated problems like this? From the point of view of the ideological root, it is that we have not done everything on the basis of the actual situation.

Of course, the objective reality is not unchanged, but constantly changing. "The change is the nature of heaven and earth." Insisting on proceeding from reality, we should not only see that the basic national conditions of the primary stage of socialism remain unchanged, but also see the new characteristics of each stage of China's economic and social development. China's social productive forces, comprehensive national strength, and people's living standards have achieved historic leaps, and the connotation of China's basic national conditions is constantly changing. The international and domestic risks and challenges we face have also undergone significant changes.

Some of the contradictions that have plagued us for a long time no longer exist, but new ones are constantly emerging, many of which we have not met or dealt with. If we stick to our understanding of the reality of China in the past, do nothing to wait for the problem to disappear, and solve the problem according to unrealistic benchmarks, we will find it difficult to move forward. We must accurately acquire the changes in the international and domestic environment, dialectically analyze the stage characteristics of China's economic development, accurately acquire the new changes and new features of China's different stages of development, make the subjective world better conform to the objective reality, and determine the working principles according to the actual conditions. This is the working method we must keep in mind.

It should also be pointed out that although dialectical materialism emphasizes that the unity of the world lies in its materiality, it does not deny the reaction of consciousness to matter, but believes that this reaction is sometimes very huge. Our Party emphasizes that ideals and beliefs are the spiritual "calcium" of Communists. Emphasizing that "revolutionary ideal is higher than the skyline" is the dialectics of spiritual change into material change and material change into spiritual change. The broad masses of Party members and governors have firm ideals and beliefs, are energetic in their work and entrepreneurship, and are inspired by the spirit of the people, so that they can create many miracles in the world. If the ideals of Party members and governors are shaken, their purposes are weakened. If the spirit of the people is weak, and they are eager for comfort, they will often fail to do what they can. Therefore, we must adhere to ideals and beliefs education, ideological and moral construction, ideological work, vigorously cultivate and promote socialist core values, and use the spirit of the times to rally China's strength.

2: Learn the basic principles of the movement of contradictions, constantly strengthen the awareness of problems, and use a positive attitude to face and resolve the contradictions encountered in progress. Chinese people have long known the concept of contradiction, so-called "one Yin and one Yang means Tao". Contradictions are ubiquitous. Contradictions are the essential content of things connection and the fundamental motive force of things' development. Human's cognitive and practical activities are essentially the process of constantly recognizing and resolving contradictions.

Problem is the manifestation of contradiction. We emphasize to strengthen problem consciousness and stick to problem orientation, that is, to recognize the universality and objectivity of contradiction, that is, to be good at understanding and resolving contradictions as a breakthrough to open up the work situation. At present, our country has entered a critical period of development, a period of reform, and a period of prominent contradictions. The contradictions we are facing are more complex. There are not only contradictions accumulated over a long period of time in the past, but also new contradictions in the process of solving the old contradictions. A large number of contradictions are emerging with the changes in the situation and environment. Many of these contradictions are inevitable at this stage of development and can not be avoided or avoided.

Our Party's leadership of the people's revolution, construction and reform have always been to solve China's practical problems. If we turn a blind eye to contradictions, even avoid and conceal them, cowering in front of them and watch the vicious transformation of contradictions, the problems will become more and more difficult to solve, which will inevitably lead to irreparable losses. "Thousand-mile levees may collapse because ants are digging holes, and 100-foot tall buildings may be burned by fires caused by sparks from chimneys." When contradictions accumulate to a certain extent, they will undergo essential mutations. The correct attitude towards contradictions should be to face them directly and use the complementary characteristics of contradictions to promote the development of things in the process of solving contradictions.

After the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC, we emphasized that we should not simply judge who is a hero by the growth rate of GDP.

It is proposed to speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development, adjust the economic structure, resolve the overcapacity, deepen the reform in an all-around way, govern the country according to the law in an all-around way, and strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, etc. They are all aimed at some deep-seated contradictions with wide influence and strong coupling. If we do not go up to difficulties, follow formal analysis, and build roads and bridges, these contradictions will accumulate, which may further transform into adverse aspects and eventually become interference factors and even destructive forces.

Face and solve contradictions with a positive attitude, we should also pay attention to the relationship between the main contradiction and the minor contradiction, the main aspect and the minor aspect of the contradiction. "Obtain the essence of things, eyes open naturally, and irrelevant details naturally disappear." In the face of complex situations and heavy tasks, we must first have a comprehensive view and have a clear idea of all kinds of contradictions, and at the same time give priority to solving the main contradictions and the main aspects of contradictions, so as to promote the resolution of other contradictions. Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC, we have proposed to coordinate and promote the building of a well-off society in an all-around way, deepen reform in an all-around way, rule the country according to the law in an all-around way and strictly administer the Party in an all-around way. In the process of promoting the "four comprehensiveness", we should not only pay attention to the overall plan but also get the right direction. For example, we not only make a comprehensive plan for building a well-off society in an all-around way but also emphasize that "whether a well-off society is a well-off society depends on the actual situation of people's lives." It not only makes the top-level design for the comprehensive deepening of reform but also emphasizes the reform focusing on important areas and key details.

It not only systematically deploys the overall promotion of the rule of law but also emphasizes the overall goal and grasp of the socialist rule of law system with Chinese characteristics. It not only puts forward a series of requirements for the strict administration of the Party in an all-around way, but also regards the corruption of the Party as a breakthrough, and strives to solve the problem of "Four Winds" which is strongly reflected by the people. The Party strives to persist in not daring to corrupt, not corrupting, and not wanting to corrupt. In any work, we should not only talk about "The Duality of Things", but also emphasize the key points. Without primary and secondary, without distinction, believing everything can be solved in one methodological way, which is not a good job.

3: Learn the basic method of obtaining materialist dialectics, constantly enhance the ability of dialectical thinking, and improve the ability to control complex situations and deal with complex problems. "Every problem has a solution, first study, then think and then implement." The more our cause develops in depth, the more we need to constantly enhance our dialectical thinking ability. At present, the various interests of our society are very complex, which requires us to be good at dealing with local and global, current and long-term, key and non-key relations, and avoid disadvantages in weighing the advantages and disadvantages, making the most favorable strategic decisions. We should deepen the reform in an all-around way, instead of focusing on the system, integrity, and synergy of the reform. At the same time, in pushing forward the reform, we should fully consider the interests of different regions, industries and groups, accurately obtain the intersection and combination points of interests of all parties, so as to make the reform results more equitable and benefit all the people.

To learn and apply materialist dialectics, we must oppose metaphysical thinking and methods. Our forefathers have long recognized this problem. Many allusions criticize and satirize metaphysics, such as the blind men and the elephant, believing in dogmas, sitting in a well and look at the heaven, The cat shuts its eyes when stealing cream, trying to help the shoots grow by pulling them upward, cutting the foot to fit the shoe, painting a snake with feet, and so on. In the world, only metaphysics is the most labor-saving, because it can talk nonsense, does not need to be based on objective reality, and is not subject to objective reality. To adhere to materialist dialectics requires great efforts. On the one hand, we should strengthen investigation and research, accurately obtain objective reality and truly obtain laws; On the other hand, we should insist on observing things in a developmental rather than static, comprehensive rather than one-sided, systematic rather than scattered, universally linked rather than isolated, and properly handle all kinds of important relations. Any viewpoint of subjectivism, formalism, mechanism, dogmatism, and empiricism is a metaphysical method of thinking, which can not have good results in practical work.

4: Learn the principle of the dialectical relationship between knowledge and practice, adhere to the view of practice first, and constantly promote theoretical innovation on the basis of practice. Practical viewpoint is the core viewpoint of Marxist philosophy. Practice determines knowledge, which is the source and motive of knowledge, and also the purpose and destination of knowledge. Cognition is counterproductive to practice. Correct understanding promotes the correct practice, and wrong understanding leads to wrong practice. The discussion on the unity of knowledge and practice by the ancients of our country also emphasizes the relationship between knowledge and practice.
Such as Xunzi's "listening and speaking is better than not listening, seeing is better than listening and speaking, knowing is better than seeing, practice is better than knowing, learning is ultimately practice, practice it and then understand it"; Liu Xiang of the Western Han Dynasty said, "It's better to see it with one's own eyes than to hear it with one's ears; it's better to watch it closely with one's own eyes; it's better to touch it with one's hands when approaching it"; Lu You in Song Dynasty said that the knowledge from reading is shallow, and it depends on practice if you want to understand it deeply.

Wang Fuzhi of the Ming Dynasty "Know what are circumstances are eligible for implementation", and so on. In order to push forward all kinds of work, we still need to rely fundamentally on practice to produce true knowledge.
Our Party has always attached great importance to theoretical work and stressed that theory must be unified with practice. Once theory breaks away from practice, it will become a rigid doctrine, losing its power and vitality. Without the guidance of correct theory, it is easy for the blind to ride blind horses and face deep pools in the middle of the night. The deeper the theory reveals the law, the more prominent the leading role of social development and change is. In adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, we must attach great importance to the role of theory, enhance theoretical self-confidence and strategic determination, and formulate correct theories through repeated practice and comparison. We should not hesitate but persevere. There is no end to the practice and theoretical innovation. To prevent the stagnation of the Party and the people's cause, first of all, we should not stagnate in the theoretical renewal. In accordance with the changes of the times and the development of practice, we should constantly deepen our understanding, constantly sum up our experience, constantly carry out theoretical innovation, adhere to the theoretical guidance and practice to explore the dialectical unity, realize the positive interaction between theoretical innovation and practical innovation, and develop China's Marxism in the 21st century in this unity and interaction.
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Looks very interesting. Can you post the source?
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