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Mao's post-1956 works & "Long live Mao Zedong Thought" book

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Post 06 Jan 2019, 05:21
I recently got a copy of Stuart Schram's "Chairman Mao talks to the People". And I read the introduction and started doing some research on the reliability of the source texts. I feel a bit like a Maoist Biblical scholar here. Its always struck me as odd that Maoists and western scholars just took for granted major Maoist innovations in doctrine like the rejection of the "negation of the negation" and "continuous permanent revolution" from texts that came from the KMT ROC regime in Taiwan. As I read more closely I saw that there was a new complete text in Taipei at the time of publication. But it was only of minor use by Schram, to check against the xerox'd manuscripts from the mainland.

Having done my research, it seems like no one has reason to doubt that Schram's book was using genuine Red Guard material. The only question remaining is how reliable the Red Guard material is. A modern CPC source was critical of it. But didn't deny it came from state archives. Its more an ideological clash with the GPCR. The publication of "Long live Mao Zedong Thought" was actually illegal, since only the state had the right to publish Mao's works.

Anyway I also discovered that had a complete version of "Long live Mao Zedong Thought", which includes many works not translated in Schram, ... /index.htm

Explanation : In the early days of the Cultural Revolution, Wang Yuxing, a teacher of the Department of Philosophy of Wuhan University, collected the “internal materials” printed and distributed by the “Steel University Headquarters of Wuhan Second Division”. There were five volumes, sixteen volumes, and more than 2 million words, including those not included in the Selected Works of Mao Zedong. Articles, speeches, instructions, etc. In 2005, the protagonist netizens made the proofreading into a text version. The PDF and the original CHM version of the e-book can be downloaded from the "Mao Zedong" column in Marcus.

A Textual Research on the Long Live Mao Zedong Thoughts Edited by the Masses during the Cultural Revolution
Li Xiaohang ... 36740.html ... 7%E5%B2%81 ... 55069.html

Also of interest a contemporary US anti-revisionist group in 1980 that defended Mao's rejection of the N of N, as overcoming the remnants of Hegelian idealism, against the attacks by Hoxha. Using Schram as their main source. ... /index.htm

Incidentally I posted this back in 2011

Selected Works Volume 1-4 were published by the CPC during Mao's lifetime. They cover Mao's writings up to 1949. Volume 5 was published by Hua Guofeng in 1977 and brings it up to 1957.

As for all works 1957-1976, they were never published by the CPC but by either US government sources or sinologists. One of the main sources is Schram's Chairman Mao talks to the people. Schram is generably a reliably source but he admits that he got his manuscript from the KMT government in Taiwan. In addition even if we assume that the translators are all legit, the manuscripts themselves are unofficial. They come from Red Guard booklets called "Long Live Mao Zedong Thought". Can we rely on the Red Guards having access to top state documents? These are important questions since many established Maoist Parties have frequently quoted from post-1957 Mao writings to justify their views. Indeed it is precisely post-1957 writings which are most relevant to them. Just on the theoretical level, Mao's controversial denial of the Negation of the Negation comes from Schram's book.

Certain Indian Maoists published future volumes of selected works taking it all the way up to volume ix. But as far as I can tell their translations are based entirely on the western sources I mentioned.
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