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China is Reactionary and Fake Socialist country

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Post 18 Jul 2008, 02:56
Everybody knows that China is no longer a socialist country,it's fake and reactionary.Less 10 years ago,we chinese students learned from books that capitalist countries such as UK,US,Europe and France were full of the unemployed and keen competition like in hell .Now China itself is more capitalist than any western countries.They suppress freedom of speech.They regard Marxism and leftist theory as sensitive issues ( is a leftist forum, now be closed by the authorities).They despise underclass.They cancel all welfares……It's more reactionary than old society when Kuomintang ruled the country.

I say these words here because some western youths who don't know Chinese and China still take China as a People's Republic till now.You don't know Chinese people is so stupid and depressive that they hate politics and people around themselves.China is state of darkness for leftists!
Post 18 Jul 2008, 03:44
Is there any chance that true socialists could retake control over the government? Are there members of the Chinese Communist Party who want to return to socialism?

I travelled to China myself not too long ago. To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed. Young Chinese people I met seemed to agree with the official government stance that Mao Zedong was a good leader of the anti-imperialist struggle, but a bad leader of the country. Is this what they were taught when they studied Chinese history?

I also discovered that health care and medication are privatised. Did China once have universal free health care? Also, it sounds as though private education is becoming much more common.

Another thing that happened while I was in China was that the Starbucks located within the Forbidden City was closed down by the government. What do you think of this? I believe that there is still a coffee shop there, just not Starbucks. It seems unfortunate to me that there was a Starbucks there in the first place. Who approved of that?

In Beijing and Shanghai, I noticed that there were advertisements everywhere. There were numerous fast food restaurants, including McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken. There was also a huge amount for sale, much of it specifically for tourists. The same tacky souvenirs were available at the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and other sites. Quotations from Chairman Mao is sold to western tourists not as an inspirational political text but as a novelty or curiosity. Chairman Mao watches, many of them of very poor quality, are sold all over by street vendors. Overall, I came away with the impression that people were anxious to make money more than anything else. They also seemed rather interested in fashion, like people from the West, and almost nobody still wore the old Sun Yat-Sen suits (known to some in the west as "Mao Suits", but in China more often as zhongshans).

I tried to travel to visit revolutionary sites and locations that were important in the history of the Chinese Communist Party. For example, the site of the First Party Congress (I think it was Shanghai), Mao's Mausoleum (closed, unfortunately), Tiananmen Square, the Great Hall of the People (where the National People's Congress meets), a museum to commemorate the resistance to the Japanese and more. I found these places very interesting and worthwhile, although once again there were gift shops with items for sale at high prices that were clearly for tourists.

When I asked a young Chinese woman with whom I spent a good deal of time while in China whether she thought that China would become too capitalist and not socialist, she said she didn't think it would happen because "We love Chairman Mao too much." I'm not so sure about that. What do you think?
Post 18 Jul 2008, 06:26
Chinese youth students, the block in the unstable state, do not care about politics. You know ,China is a despotic state from ancient times to the present. Just a few brave man dare to demand political change. But when Chinese adopt the values of fragging American , the conflict is serious. The political system is high-pressured and social values let everybody regard others as enemies. You dont know how bad here in China.

"We love Chairman Mao too much." These are words from a woman's mouth. To be honest,this sentence in nonsense. Some youths who want to return to Maosim are restricted by authority. They can get a little of compassion at most. Chinese people became stupid and helpless but there are radical youths more and more, including Trotskyists, Maoists and other leftists who want to unite to change the system. But the direction of social change is still Americanizing.

By the way, a Trotskyist known as "Hongcao (Redgrass)" is a famous radical revolutionary Marxist in the Chinese leftists.He has been in difficult position from 3 years ago. He want to say that there are more than a million persons including himself be monitored by authority. Here is his website This website can not be acsessed in China just like other websites such as etc.
Post 18 Jul 2008, 20:58
The website appears to be gone now, as I have received the error message "The site you have requested could not be found. (404)".
Post 16 May 2013, 10:48
Everyone does not know China is no longer a socialist country. So what does this say about our own countries? That they keep us in the dark, do not properly inform us, and decieve us? I have found that many information is outdated in western countries, despite claiming to be free, and democratic. I traveled to America, and they actually refer to Canada and Europe as socialist. The truth of the matter is, Gadafi's Libya was more socialist than Europe, and Canada combined, however, the spin doctors are afraid to acknowledge this fact. Instead, what you hear in the west is disinformation after disinformation. As far as I am concerned, I feel that western capitalist regimes are not very free or democratic, that is why so many people believe that China is still the same way it was in 1970. China does not despise the underclass, as you claim, although the situation is not ideal as it was 40 years ago. The parts of China that despise the underclass the most are Taiwan and Hong Kong. These are by far, the most reactionary parts of China, but you wont hear this from the shills. Why? simple, because Hong Kong, and Taiwan are puppets of the west, and no matter how unfair their regimes are, western corporate media will not mention it.

You claim that China supreses freedom of speech, and it may actually do that, but I have heard anti-imperialists speak at public high schools, something unheard of in western countries. Mainland China is not what it used to be, however, it is still 100 times more free than Taiwan and Hong Kong. I felt a huge difference when I crossed the border into the mainland. The people seemed so much happier, and the atmosphere was so much more free. If you want to talk about socialism in HK/TW, you can forget about it. The people in both HK, and TW seemed miserable. The people were not connected to one another like they were in the mainland. The people in HK/TW are obsesed with namebrand clothing, specifically imported name brand clothing. They worship white people, and wish they were white themselves. They despise their own compatriots. It seems like such a failed society. They no longer seemed like people, just a bunch of artificial corporate zombies. Other regimes that deserve honorable mention are south Korea, Singapore, and Japan, who are every bit as fascist as HK/TW. The freedom of speech on Chinese sites are also much greater than western sites. I visit a lot of Chinese sites and regularly see western shills criticising China. On the other hand, I visit many western sites, and most of what I see are apologists for western imperialism. I'll give you one example. A few days ago a Jewish American spy got caught in Russia. You have tons of shills online saying that he was framed by the Russian government. You didn't see any comments saying that he should receive a heavy penalty for what he did. On the other hand, if a Russian spy had been caught spying in the U.S, then you can rest assure that thousands of western shills would be mobilised to claim that the Russian spy is a horrible person. Heck, I've even seen western shills dig up criminal records from 8 years ago on guys who have said the politically incorrect thing. Take for example, Jesse Thorsen who said that "we shouldnt support Israel". The next day, his criminal record from 6 years ago magically shows up on the first page of google when you type in his name. Actually, his mug shot is still on the first page now. Coincidence? I don't think so. Another example is regarding the alleged Boston bombers. Their mother came on TV saying their kids were framed, and what does the western media do? They dig up her record from 10 years ago for shop lifting, trying to discredit her. As if her shoplifting should somehow negate the fact that their kids were set up. It's just extremely sad how hard the west tries to control public opinion. I have almost never seen the Chinese try to pull stunts like this. Most of the time, I just see them admit their own faults, rather than try to blame others or get out of it. Not saying that the Chinese are perfect, but they don't come across as rogue gangsters in the way that the western oligarchs do.

To say that the current China is more reactionary than the KMT is absurd. You must know nothing about the KMT. They used to slaughter millions of people just for being suspected of being a communist. Things like that don't really happen in China anymore. I remember the KMT used to kidnap women that they thought were good looking and made them into concubines. The kind of lawlessness during the KMT regime was unmatched. I can't imagine that hapening in modern day China.
I don't believe true socialists could retake control over the govt because it would require a bloody war. Why would the rich capitalists give up their positions? I have never heard of rich capitalists ever voluntarily giving up power anywhere in the world. Healthcare in China was free from about 1950-1978. After that, it became privatised.
I am no fan of China, but I am even less of a fan of the U.S. regime and its allies. Despite China's political situation, I would still rather have them lead the world than the west. It's not so much that I like China. I am just sick of the west's bullying ways. This is just unacceptable in a civilised world. If westerners can't straighten out their ruling class, then I am sorry, they have no legitimacy to police the world. If you have 2 capitalist blocs, and one is violent, while the other is not, then I, along with most socialists, would choose the non violent one, in other words, China. One very simple way to see who the better leader is to examine how China, and the west deal with north Korea. Here we have a real socialist country. Yet on one hand, we have China supporting them, and not threatening them. While on the other hand, you have the U.S. regime doing military excercises on their front door that could be turned into a real war in 5 minutes flat. Libya can also be used as another example. Gadafi's Libya was more socialist than all of Europe, and what did the U.S. and NATO do to them? Destroyed their country, and turned it into a nightmare. Gadafi even said that the UN was NOT democratic and that the only country Libya voted for to be a permanent security council member was China. It doesn't matter if you ask North Korea, Cuba, or socialist Libyans, they will tell you that the U.S. and the west is public enemy number one towards not only socialism, but peace. That goes to show how the west, and China differ. The west uses threats, violence, and sabatoge to achieve their objectives, while China tries its best to work with the country. At least that's how it appears. If it wasn't for China, north Korea would have already been attacked by the south, with the blessing from the U.S. regime, and the entire Korea would be turned into a pro-imperialist, corporate cespool. Everyone can kiss their free healthcare, education, and housing goodbye, just as the Libyans had done after NATO invaded them. And remember that China actually keeps the west busy. If China ceased to exist tomorow, this would free up a lot of U.S. and European forces, giving them carte blanche to attack whoever they want, including but not limited to Russia, Cuba, and everyone else. In fact, we saw this immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The U.S. and its allies pretty much declared war on the entire world.
Despite your complaints about China making poor quality watches, China's hands are not covered with blood in the way that the west is. The last 300 years of western agresion speaks for itself. I think we have all had enough of it. Like Obama said, it's time for change. The west must step down or be thrown down.
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