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A West German Maoist observes the USSR of 1988

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Post 11 Oct 2021, 17:39 ... 2-USSR.pdf

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While there are many accounts from the bourgeois POV, and even a few from pro-Soviet friends, I've never read any 1st hand accounts of visits to the late USSR from the Maoist perspective. It is interesting. Although the extreme anti-Brezhnevism of Maoists, at times makes it little different from the western liberal POV. In her conversations with locals, she generally agrees with their criticism of the CPSU, and only brings up the Maoist alternative a couple of times. On Afghanistan she takes a very hard line for instance, comparing the honoring of Soviet war dead to Reagan's visit to the Nazi cemetery. And she believes the minorities of the USSR should not just oppose the war, but actively support the Afghans.
Post 22 Feb 2022, 00:25
A fascinating read. Thank you heiss93! I couldn't help but feel the sad sense throughout of looking through a window at the twilight of a civilization.

This reporter seemed to have her head planted firmly on her shoulders at some moments, like in discussions both with young people and the older folks from the 'democratic union' gathering, where she seemed to reveal the naivete of Soviet society at the time about the West and liberal democracy.

At other times, her talk about Soviet 'social imperialism' in Afghanistan or 'Russian domination' over the Soviet republics reminded me of just how bonkers Maoists were and are. The bit where she says she wanted to express her sympathy for Stalin but says Brezhnevites also defend him but for the wrong reasons somehow is a case in point.

Also the bit about the guy nervously buying a book on "the history of mid-19th century philosophy" from the under-the-table dealer in the cafe is like something out of science fiction today.
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