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Gorby's report to the 27th CPSU Congress (1986, PDF)

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Post 27 Jan 2015, 10:56 ... tyCongress

As you might imagine I scanned this chiefly out of historical interest. This was before he went wild with Glasnost and Perestroika, so even though he comes across as a guy who wants to change things it's still relatively mild.
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Post 27 Jan 2015, 11:03
It was not before glasnost and perestroika, which began in 1985.
Post 27 Jan 2015, 11:41
I said "went wild with." The main slogan was still "acceleration" (uskoreniye), which was dropped in 1987 (the same year Glasnost and Perestroika became far more prominent and the new campaign against Stalin and "Stalinism" took off.)

As an aside I'll eventually try to obtain Gorby's speech to the 28th Congress in 1990 as well.
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