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Rules and articles concerning the USSR Updated: 06/05/07

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Post 30 Oct 2006, 16:47
A. Rules

1. No personal insults, this simply goes without saying! Treat others with as much respect as possible. As Shaw said, it is impossible to love everyone, so simply act as civilly as possible with every, and with those you don't like, remain civil and try to stay out of their way, he then says "how would you like it if every who didn't like you punched you in the head?". Don't do this, a civil manner is needed! Here is Bernard Shaw's speech on civillity!

2. No anti-semitism or any other racial slurs, unless you are quoting Marx in the correct context, that being that "jew" was synonymous with a "money-usurer" in the German language in the 19th Century

3. No racism, this is absolutely not tolerated, comrades ought not to be split on grounds of race to promote hate of any kind, under any circumstance!

4. Check the definitions of Marxist Terminology and other lingo, please, please comrades! Make sure that you are absolutely and positively sure on the definitions of the words that you choose to use to write with. A Dictatorship of the Proletariat as the best example, is not a dictatorship of one man, it is a government commonly owned by the Proletariat, ie. Proletarian Democracy! I have had to put up with this for about 5 years with my student peers who easily pick up on "dictatorship" as being something derogatory, and isolating the word from it's original context (thank you again, Voloshinov!), much like the example of "Jews" in Marx's day and in an economical context.
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5. I'm not a native speaker of the English language, but I try to limit grammatical errors. I expect the same from the participants of this forum. Threads which are filled with nonsense will be deleted.

6. Please do not start a thread for every video/picture you find.

B. Fundamental articles concerning the USSR


* Zlotnik, Marc D. - Yeltsin and Gorbachev: The Politics of Confrontation
Journal of Cold War Studies - Volume 5, Number 1, Winter 2003, pp. 128-164

* Anna Louise Strong - The Stalin Era

*Rosa Luxemburg - The Russian Revolution ... /index.htm

*Rosa Luxemburg - The Russian tragedy ... /09/11.htm

*Rosa Luxemburg - What is bolshevism? ... hevism.htm

*Douglas Tottle - Fraud, Famine and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard ... amine.htm/

*The communist, Stalin's Successes, Humanity's Gains, Number 1 (Fall 1989)


* Mikhail Epstein - An overview of Russian philosophy
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Updated 17/02/07
Rosa Luxemburg concerning Russian bolshevism

Douglas Tottle - Fraud, Famine and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard
Post 06 May 2007, 22:50
*The communist, Stalin's Successes, Humanity's Gains, Number 1 (Fall 1989)
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