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Aircraft flying in airspace and outer space

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Post 07 Sep 2010, 23:49
Lieutenant General Alexander Zelin the first commander of the Russian Air Force on Saturday, August 14th / August Ross said engineers are working to design equipment aircraft capable of flying in the Earth's atmosphere and outer space alike.

The Zelin told the radio "Echo of Moscow that" Russia understands full well that it should not be delayed in this area.

He predicted that re-arming of the Army Air and fronts to the full in the next 10 years, as well as to update 70% of the fleet of aircraft.

In the second story

The commander of the Russian Air Force that Russia is working to find aircraft can work in space. There is an understanding of how to make aircraft of this type he said.
(And RIA Novosti news agency 08/18/2010)

What do u think , is that possible ?
Post 08 Sep 2010, 02:33
Doesn't the space shuttle qualify for this?
Post 08 Sep 2010, 02:38

I guess he means (Flying Fighters)
Post 08 Sep 2010, 10:49
That fighter will need to be very fast. Like Mach 30 or so. If I recall correctly, the fastest plane ever has been the X-43, which, even though it's quite small and unmanned, only got to Mach 10.
Post 09 Sep 2010, 06:09
Well if you consider the upper atmosphere outerspace, then I think there are already planes either deveolped or in development. I'll have a look around and see if I can find a link, but I dont think, along the lines of upmost atmosphere being space, a plane that can fly in space to be that far fetched at all.

A plane capable of space travel on the other hand (not planet to planet or to the moon, but even just away from earth) I see as still being a ways off.
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